Tuesday, June 28, 2022

AGEB: We Condemn the Migrant Massacre in Melilla!

In Melilla, Spain's North African land located in the north of Morocco, imperialism and its lackeys once again showed their inhumanity. The Moroccan state, which attacked hundreds of immigrants who wanted to pass to Melilla with the provocation and approval of the Spanish state, killed at least 37 people.

People who were forced to migrate as a result of imperialist fights, unjust wars, poverty and pressure from servant states in their countries continue to be killed sometimes by drowning in the sea and sometimes being targeted by bullets at the borders. Moroccan state is not the only murderer of the immigrants murdered in Melilla. Spain and the whole imperialist-capitalist system, which openly sent congratulatory messages after the massacre, are the main killers of immigrants.

The massacre carried out by the Moroccan state clearly reveals the approach of the imperialist-capitalist system to the immigration and immigrant problem. Those who, when appropriate, make immigrants the product of their dirty bargains, do not hesitate to slaughter people who were forced to migrate from their countries and congratulate those who murdered them. Because this system belongs to those who created the immigration problem and those who torture, arrest and massacre under the pretext of this problem.

The imperialist-capitalist system and its lackeys on a world scale are in crisis. While the reflection of this crisis is different in every geography, it is clear that it actually continues and will continue by deepening. Especially with the pandemic, the process that has become more difficult for these states, along with the occupation and unjust wars, bring millions of people to migrate. Racist and chauvinistic policies that developed with immigration sometimes increase with the help of the state, and sometimes with the provocations of "civilian elements" under the supervision of the state. Especially in the European geography, we see attacks against immigrants in the prescriptions of getting rid of the crisis. While this is sometimes the pruning of vested rights, it is essentially trying to poison local workers and laborers with racist-chauvinistic policies along with racist policies and laws.

These attacks show that this system, which creates the immigration problem, wants to do whatever the immigrants want in the countries they come from, but it wants to protect "its own borders" against the influx of refugees from here. This protection is in such a position that refugees are slaughtered directly, in front of everyone, and an action that would constitute a "crime" even in their own bourgeois laws is openly congratulated.

As the European Union of Migrant Workers, we condemn with all our anger this massacre carried out jointly by Morocco and Spain!

Underlining that it is not possible to fight against the imperialist-capitalist system, which forces millions to migrate and slaughter them on their way to emigration, without being organized; We emphasize once again that all immigrants and the local workers and laborers who are trying to make them hostile have no choice but to organize. Imperialism is the cause of unjust wars, occupations, poverty and oppression. Unless this reason is eliminated, immigration and the oppression and massacres against them will not disappear.

While we condemn the massacre that took place in Morocco once again, we declare that we will increase our struggle by exposing this and similar massacres in every area we exist.

European Union of Migrant Workers



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