Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Hail World indigenous People’s Day, Greeting to Friends of Indian Revolution Abroad - CPI(Maoist) International Affairs

 Hail World indigenous People’s Day, Greeting to Friends of Indian Revolution Abroad

We convey our revolutionary greetings to all those people who stood by our struggles, especially to friends of Indian people's war, well-wishers abroad. We are Indigenous people of India. We are fighting for our rights ofjustice. We are demanding for the implementation of the Acts made by the Indian Government. We are raising our voice for the rights on forests and for rights on Jai, Jungle, Jameen in our country. We oppose plundering of our forests, our immense resources by World Capital. By our struggles, we are obstructing the destruction of our lives and devastation of forests.

We are consolidating united struggles for our existence, for conservation of environment. Exploitative Governments are invoking false cases on us. With the help of black laws, projecting us as terrorists, arresting and torturing us. Playing with our lives and at many a times killing us in fake encounters. indulging in rapes and killing our women. in spite of it, Life teaches us to fight. Problems fill us with heroism and to dare. Governments atrocities and violence make us more resolute. Forces us to give a war call to fight and fight for victory.

We are waging struggles for the last 3 decades to protect Raughat hills. Those hills are iron-ore mines. Those hills are our places of worship. Those hills play an important role in the conservation of environment. We are fighting for Jai, Jungle, Jameen, for rights on forests, for conservation of environment. We will fight till the end.

We are opposing mining activities at Amdai. Ours is a fight for our very existence. Comprador Capital wants these mines. We want our existence. Can we imagine the existence of Adivasi‘s without forests and hills? Without indigenous people who will protect them? Capital demands destruction of them. Capital expands only with the destruction of it. But, we are obstructing it. On its behalf, State is entering the field. Police, Arms, ammunition, Latis, Jails — all want to see our end. We are ready to face them and struggle. We are fighting. We will fight till the end. We will fight and win.

We are opposing setting up of Police camps at Bijapur and Sukma districts. State unleashed white terror on us for decades and is still continuing. Salwa Judum, Operation Green Hunt, Samadhan, Prahar — whatever be the name? its aim is to frisk forests from us and to take away our resources. Forests are getting bloody, blood streams are flowing, transit of Capital is continuing over the dead bodies. We are opposing it. Life taught us to oppose injustice. Democracy taught us to oppose Bureaucracy. We oppose setting up of Police camps, so as not to give a chance for massacres like the ones at Bijapur and Sukma, not to give a chance for arrests, atrocities, fake encounters. We oppose construction of Police camps at Silinger, Pombad, Gompad, Pundri, Barregudem and many other such camps and construction of roads. For our needs, we are constructing roads, bridges, lakes, canals and all others. We are transforming our lives. We will transform our lives with the struggles only. We want your support.

We are fighting at Vecha ghat. We oppose construction of bridges on our rivers and turning our forests into billionaires‘ amusement tourist centers. We very well know that bridges are meant for transportation of resources and hence we obstruct their construction. We oppose setting up of Police camps. We raise our voice to state that we are not Hindus and to state that indigenous people are not Hindus. We are opposing all blatant activities of bhrahmanical hindutva forces.

In Surjagad, we are opposing World Capital for the last 3 decades with the slogans “No Mining, we want food”. But, ruling classes, hindutva forces want to alienate us from the forests and hills. Hurting our sentiments and destroying our hamlets and continuing excavations for the mineral resources.

We show immense gratitude towards all those who stood by our struggles. With your support, we could obstruct mining activities. Repressions and prohibitions will not be able to stop our struggles forever. We will fight. We will win over our forests.

We are fighting to protect Hasdev forests for over a decade. Exploitative eagles are eying our forests for immense coal reserves here. But without forests, without water resources in the forests, without Hasdev forests which are very essential for the environmental protection of the country, without Devi, Devatha‘s sacred places of worship, for us indigenous people how much ever we have, it is as good as having nothing. Hence we are determined to fight for them till the end.

We are fighting in Kaimur, Kawala, Nethrahat, Sompeta and in Niyamgiri. We faught at Lalgad. We faught at Narayanpatna. We are fighting at all the places where there are problems. It is written in the history of India that, its indigenous people are the first to standup and waged struggles. We will continue that legacy. Thousands of peoples’ heroes like Gend singh, Sidhu, Kaanu, Gundadur, Baburao, Komuram Bheem, Sidam Sinnu, Jungu dada are our ancestors. We salute their sacrifices.

We are not alone in the struggle. We have solidarity of the country's workers, peasants, students, intellectuals, employees, writers, artists, lawers, dalits, muslim brothers, more importantly well- wishers of indigenous people. We support their struggles. We are not just demanding for our forests, our existence, conserve our forests. We demand liberation of all exploited masses. We are not just aspiring for our country only. We demand for the betterment of the people of the world and for their emancipation. We oppose the present ongoing imperialist war. We know that, as long as imperialism exists, people cannot have peace. Hence we are fighting with it. It is the main enemy for the very existence of mankind and environment. We have to bury it. On the occasion of Indigenous peoples day, with your support, we promise you that we will fight till the end to find solutions to the fore said problems. We once again convey to you, our greeting and red salutes. This year, International Committee in support for the Peoples War in India decided to observe 9"‘ August as lndia‘s Indigenous People's solidarity day in their respective countries, in support of our struggles and to condemn the State’s and Hindutva forces’ attacks on us, which is a happy moment for all of us. It gives us great strength and inspiration to know that fellow indigenous people, exploited masses are with us shoulder to shoulder. We convey our revolutionary greetings to you all.

International Affairs,
CPI (Maoist).

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