Thursday, November 24, 2022

Response about Andreas Vogiatzoglou - Central Committee of CPG(m-l)


Response about Andreas Vogiatzoglou

The Centrall Organ of CPG (m-l) on behalf of all its cadres and members thanks the communist parties, the revolutionary movements, the organizations internet sites and newspapers of the left and the multitude of friends and comrades in Greece and abroad for their condolence announcements and letters on the death of Andreas Vogiatzoglou, Secretary of the CPG(m-l). Thanks for the various expressions of solidarity and support that we and the family of Andreas Vogiatzoglou received during these difficult times.

For communists like Andreas Vogatzoglou , the closing of a circle does not mean the end of his contribution. For militants, the crucial question is the imprint of the contribution they left on the revolutionary movement for the continuation of the struggle for the social liberation of humanity. After all, this is what millions of communists and militants left behind, and this is what leads us today to insist on the struggle that they fought, on the path that they blazed.

The CPG (m-l) will proceed in the near future and later on with initiatives to honor Andreas Vogiatzoglou and to highlight his contribution to the cause of the reconstruction of the communist movement. Making use of this contribution, trying to bridge the past with the present, we are moving forward and fighting for a better tomorrow for the working class and our people, for socialism and independence!

The Central Committee of CPG(m-l)

Athens 20/11/2022

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