Sunday, February 12, 2023

from Maoist Collective of Russia - for debate

Dear comrades,

We are the Maoist Collective of Russia and we are writing to you to address the issue with you recent article "for debate - a letter from Maoist Communist Russia about Joint Declaration 'Let's..." which is found at

We are writing not to address the substance of the article, but instead to ask which organization sent you the statement. In Russia there are two namely "maoist" groups, us (Maoist Collective of Russia) and the "Russian Maoist Party". We are not aware of any organization called "Maoist Communist Russia", we doubt it exists.

The problem for us is that we have already received letters from foreign comrades who have published the translation of your article in their respective language and attributed the article to us!

To be totally clear, we have not issued a statement as expressed in that letter, since we were never invited to sign any declarations.

We suspect that this statement was produced by "Russian Maoist Party", but there is no certainty. We and the "Russian Maoist Party" were engaged in a polemic, the English translation of which was published in the newspaper CI ( We criticize RMP for being an organization made up of hard rightists and outright parliamentarians and we do not want there to be any chance for us to be associated with them.

We want to ask you to eliminate any source of confusion with regards to who the real authors of the article are.

Best regards,
Маоистский Коллектив России


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  1. It’s curious, by the way, which Russian Maoist Party are they talking about? Are they talking about our original RMP of 2000 year ( Or are they talking about a left radical fake of 2021 year? In any case, there are no “hard rightists and outright parliamentarians” either there or there, so this is just nonsense.