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for debate - a text from CC, Proletarian Party of East Bengal (PBSP)

 The Great Crisis of Imperialist World Order

On the Initiative for Building a New International Organization/Forum of Maoists

The 90s began with the collapse of so-called Socialist, Soviet social imperialism. Though it was a crisis of imperialism itself, but western imperialists started a worldwide campaign against communist ideology by propagating it as the “collapse of socialism”. The purpose of this campaign was to create a false atmosphere of superiority and permanence of the capitalist-imperialist world system. This contributed to create confusion about the ideology of communism and increased disillusionment especially among the middle class.

Under the situation of the collapse of Soviet social imperialism, the Western imperialists led by the United States placed a new program called 'globalization', introduced a unipolar world, and especially the penetration of imperialists especially into third world countries became very strong. It also played a role in creating a negative impact on revolutions and mass movements through the development of a privileged middle class, the development of the comprador bourgeoisies, increased penetration of imperialism in agriculture and a form of distorted economic growth in Third World countries. Despite all of these, there is a strong movement developed against imperialist intrusion, plunder, exploitation, control, mutilation and destruction of the environment in the name of “globalization”. In such a situation, the program of "globalization" could not undermine the forward march of genuine communist ideology, although it did create various confusions and opportunism, especially among the middle class. In the 1980s, the MLM-based revolutionary communist movement that had begun to revive with the founding of RIM was greatly advanced by the Peruvian People's War and revolutionary movements in various countries, including India. Sometime later, from 1996, when People’s War started in Nepal, it made more progress.

A new wave of movements and protests spread all over the world against the unjust war that the US-led imperialists started against the people of the world through the invasion of Afghanistan in 2001. In such situation, Peruvian PW faced disaster mainly because of its Party’s internal reason, but under the Maoist leadership, PW of Nepal achieved many new victories, that started to raise high the direction of liberation before the people of the world. Protests and movements around the world against the US's unjust aggression in the name of the "war on terror" pose a new crisis to the imperialists.

    - In addition, the recession conditions of imperialism made its crisis multifaceted. The US imperialists themselves tried to overcome the crisis by policies like bailouts in their own countries. But throughout the second decade of the century, Western countries were hit by one recession after another.

    - This crisis situation of imperialism gave rise to a new wave of mass movements like "Arab Spring" in various countries including Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Syria, Bahrain, Yemen and even Saudi Arabia. All these contribute to increase and diversify the crisis of the imperialist world system. As a result of the Arab Spring, many years of autocratic rules in some countries come to or about to an end. But in the absence of a revolutionary ideology and program, the mass movements failed to bring any fundamental change in the system. Rather, the imperialists perpetuated the system through reforms in some places, and in others by imposing stronger autocratic rule. At the same time, they effectively used religious fundamentalists to prevent any change for the betterment of the people. Militant fundamentalism developed as a result, although it also led to a renewed crisis for imperialism. Through this, the mask of  democracy of western imperialism is revealed more and more.

At the same time, it created various movements of working people, middle class and progressive people against capitalist plunder, profiteers inside of the imperialist countries themselves. It was manifested in mass protests and movements called "Occupy Movement" in the home country of US imperialism and protests against the so-called "austerity program" in Greece, the imposition of increased taxes on the people, withdrawal of subsidies for various public welfare programs, lay off, etc. In addition to these, movements against police brutality, women's rights movements, movements of black immigrant and homeless, are permanently present in Western countries including the US. The above-mentioned periodic economic recession has accelerated these mass movements.

To deal with these crises, the imperialists relied on the war economy. These are seen in Syria, Iraq, Turkey, Iran, Bahrain, Yemen, Libya, Afghanistan and in Africa. But these wars, instead of solving the crises of imperialism, have created new crises, one important of them is the migrant crisis, which has created a serious humanitarian situation for the whole of Europe. In response to this, the mask of humanity of the Western imperialists has been fallen down. It even led to the development of neo-fascism in those countries.

The withdrawal of US troops while there is still the conflicting situation in Iraq, the forced retreat from Afghanistan, the Russian military threat in Syria, have created new pressure for US imperialism. Russia has re-emerged as a superpower after 30 years. Social imperialist China is also a superpower. Both countries are aligning against the United States. In the current situation, China & Russia have become a serious obstacle and opponent of the interest of US. That is why US imperialism, to establish itself as the sole superpower against them and their allies, has plans in hand to maintain its geopolitical hegemony, which is inevitably resulted in a proxy war in Ukraine. US is determined to strike in any form anywhere in the world to satisfy its own interests. So, their motive is to weaken China and Russia, militarily and economically, in such a way, so that they can no longer challenge the US.

In addition, the aim is to send a message to the European NATO countries that their (Europe's) separate security thinking are irrelevant, which they have been taking in consideration for a long time. The war in Ukraine put that thought to rest.

Ukraine's US-backed Zelenskyi government is desperate to join NATO. And, that is a big threat to the existence and development of Russian imperialism. The war in Ukraine in the form of the Russian invasion on 24 February 2022 is essentially an imperialist war. The war is actually between rival superpowers. Only the battlefield is Ukraine. The military campaign of Russia is targeting the Western world more than Ukraine.

Recently, due to the emergence of US rival China and multiple crises in the US empire, the US-led unipolar world has broken down. The conflict between China-Russia and the US bloc over world supremacy has intensified. Due to the crisis of the US-led NATO alliance, the social imperialist China has now openly declared its share in the world division and has expressed the hope of conquering the world within 2050. Russia has also already developed good relations with China. And it is trying to rebuild its empire and recapture the countries it lost in Europe, daring to launch military aggression if necessary. Russia's invasion of Ukraine is a reflection of the Russian-US inter-imperialist conflict.

Xi Jingping's re-election as General Secretary at the recent 20th Congress also aims to challenge the US-led imperialist world order and to establish China as the world's number one superpower.

This new global situation is creating a multilateral world that will undermine the one-sided unstoppable monopolistic hegemony. Both the countries began world trade primarily with the Russian ruble and the Chinese Yuan as alternatives to the dollar, with the aim to break the monopoly of the US dollar. Many countries of the world, including Europe, are dependent on Russian wheat and oil and gas. Meanwhile, Hungary, Italy and Germany are buying Russian oil and gas in rubles in defiance of the US sanction. Saudi Arabia bypassed the US to sell oil to China in Chinese currency. The war in Ukraine has plunged the entire world into a crisis.

Europe's largest country, Ukraine, is shrinking as four regions of Ukraine became part of the Russian Federation. But this war is no longer limited to the shrinking of Ukrainian territory or Russian territorial expansion. It has and will affect every corner of the world. The suffering of the middle block countries has reached its peak. The Russia-Ukraine war and Putin's threat of nuclear war were the main topics of discussion throughout the recently concluded 77th session of the United Nations.

Gradually, the war in Ukraine became a threat not only to the two countries concerned, but to the whole world. Iran's women's and mass movements, North and South Korea's war rehearsals, China and Taiwan's war drills, Azerbaijan and Armenia and Tajikistan are also in a state of war. There are mass movements against military/civilian governments in Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Myanmar and repressions on the mass movements have created a horrifically inhumane situation. The conflict between the two imperialist blocs allowed Indian expansionism to intensify the exploitation and oppression of the peoples of South Asia through Hindutva fascism. With the blessing of Indian expansionism, Hasina's Awami fascism also got a chance to live longer in Bangladesh. On the other hand, there is fuel crisis, food price hike in countries, supply shortages, import and export cartels, economic sanctions, political polarization.

The impact of this war created a major economic crisis in Europe. Food and fuel crisis has become severe. Governments are repeatedly falling in Italy, France and Britain. Imperialist state like Sweden, a self-declared welfare state, is facing social security issue. US-European western democracies are heading straight towards fascism. Taking that opportunity, their rival China-Russia has also matured their fascist regime and is doing so. Governments and ruling classes of the countries of the periphery of these two imperialist blocs also have established or establishing fascist regimes in their own countries.

Spontaneous mass protests against the government and the ruling class are being organized to counter all these evils. People’s Wars are going on in India and the Philippines. In some other countries including Bangladesh, the Maoist parties  has continued its organization-struggle, anti-imperialist protest-resistance based on the revolutionary politics of the People's War. But due to the weakness or lack of revolutionary program, ideology, party and struggle, the ruling-bourgeoisie and imperialists have been able to continue their system by suppressing the spontaneous mass movements.

In the absence of an international center or forum of communists on the basis of MLM, the Maoists are more hindered in strengthening, sustaining and developing their struggle in small scope and failing to participate, lead and win the liberation struggle of the oppressed nations and peoples of the world.

From the end of the 80’s to the beginning of the new century, the people's struggles under the Maoist ideology in the countries oppressed by imperialism, like Peru-Philippines-India-Nepal-Turkey-Bangladesh, instilled confidence in the proletariat and the oppressed people, instilled optimism and energized the international communist movement. Although the revolutionary movement has been disrupted due to various reasons, it is moving forward in a zigzag way.

In this regard, from the end of the last century to the first decade of the new century, the role of "Revolutionary Internationalist Movement" (RIM), the international center of Maoist revolutionaries, was very significant. The formation of "RIM" as the international center of the Maoists after the 3rd International was a step forward in uniting, consolidating and triumphing the international communist movement against imperialism.

Maoist parties and organizations outside of the RIM also played a significant role. Especially the continuation and strengthening of the people's war in India and the Philippines.

But RIM became ineffective due to the right opportunist line (ROL) in Peru, the betrayal of the Prachanda-Baburam clique in Nepal and the deviation of the RCP led by Bob Abakian in USA from the MLM by adopting the 'New Communism'. As a result, the subjective ability of the world proletariat, in contrast to the imperialist system, became disorganized and greatly weakened.

Since RIM became inactive, Maoist parties and organizations in various parts of the world have taken various initiatives to unite internationally. Although that process was greatly interrupted by the corona pandemic, the joint statement continued to be published online on the occasion of the May Day. Our party could not participate in those processes. However, bilateral relations and discussions with some fraternal parties and organizations continued.

During the situation of the grave crisis of imperialism, when the revolutionary situations is becoming more favorable, the importance of establishing a united organization/forum of the international proletariat has increased manifold. Today the international role of the proletariat in the present world reality appears more urgent than at any time in the past. Many parties and organizations have realized the necessity of this situation. However, it has not yet been possible to take any effective and visible initiative.

The position of our party is that, the Maoist organizations who agree to form an international organization should take steps towards that goal at this moment. However, the form/type etc. of the international organization should be determined through collective consultation. The consensus of the party and organization should be highlighted. And the differences of opinion must be resolved through debate-review-struggle. At the same time, efforts should be made to keep open the way for the Maoist forces that are not joining the organization/forum at this very moment. A specific plan is necessary for all these.

In May 2022, the parties and organizations of various countries, including the Communist Party of India (Maoist), the Communist Party of Maoist-Italy, the Communist (Maoist) Party of Afghanistan, the Communist Party of Nepal (Revolutionary Maoist) called for an international forum in the current world order under this title of  "International May Day: Long Live the Red May Day!" and we accept the joint declaration and calling on all parties and organizations to include our party in this process of making this effort a reality in the future.


International Department,

CC, Proletarian Party of East Bengal (PBSP)

November, 2022

Great Crisis of Imperialist World Order

On the Initiative for

Building a New International Organization/Forum of Maoists

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