Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Canada - Actions in Solidarity with Prisoners at Pine Grove

More actions were carried out following the December 16th day of action with Pine Grove Correctional Centre prisoners organized by the Communist Workers Front (Organising Committee), Revolutionary Studies Committee – Ottawa, and Beyond Prison Walls. The day of action was organised under the following demands:

1) Right to self determination of Indigenous nations;

2) Need for timely access to medical treatment. Prisoners who need medical help, or who express being sick or in pain need to be able to receive proper and timely medical attention;

3) Improve the quality of drinking water;

4) End the murder and abuse of prisoners at Pine Grove Correctional Centre. Fire and charge those who tortured Joline Jacques.

We encourage those who wish to get involved in further actions to reach out at cwf.foc@protonmail.com

In Toronto, supporters postered and leafletted around North York for the demands of prisoners at Pine Grove.

Supporters dropped a banner at an overpass in Coquitlam. The banner reads “Support Prisoners at Pine Grove!”


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