Friday, March 4, 2016


The colonial fascist dictatorship attacks the Kurdish people, the Alevis, the revolutionary and communist forces with its plan to “drive them to the knees” decided in September 2014. Neglecting its own laws it announces curfews. Ten thousands of policemen and soldiers paid and extra-trained continue to siege and to attack the living areas of the Kurds such as Cizre, Sirnak, Silvan, Silopi, Amed-Sur supported by DAIS and counter-gangs.

As a result of the attacks started in summer 2015 hundreds of young people, babies, women and old people were killed. Hundreds were injured. Thousands of Kurds and revolutionaries were arrested. Still today the injured people are hindered to be taken to hospital and the dead to be buried. The Kurdish cities, villages, cemeteries, historical and cultural sites are being bombed, set on fire and destroyed with tanks, airplanes and heavy weapons. Ten thousands are forced to migrate and immigrate with hunger, thirst, without medical treatment and fear. Hundred thousands of Kurds have become refugees in their own geography.
In Amed-Sur the curfew has existed almost nearly for three months. In Cizre 28 injured people face death being stuck in a cellar. 7 of them died, the others wait to die.12803174_803556503083558_8888670535453481796_n

T. Erdogan and the AKP fascism want to scare and silence the oppositional forces and their voices in West Turkey,
and make use of state terror, psychological war methods, dirty war media and threats. 32 journalists are imprisoned. Dozens of journalists are threatened to be arrested. Proceedings are initiated against journalists like Hasan Cemal and Arzu Demir because of their books which were decided to be collected. People, organisations and parties that talk about democracy, human rights and peace are announced as traitors and targeted by lynching groups. Due to T. Erdoğan’s order and statements, who is like Hitler, journalists, politicians, academics and artists are arrested and questioned by attorneys and the police. The academics’ desire for peace and their statements of brotherhood are declared as “traitors” and “villainy” and put as a target for the fascist mafia gangs, attorneys and administrative inquiry. Every day T. Erdogan humiliates youth, women, Kurds and oppressed people, but lets proceedings initiate to anybody who comments politically in the press or statements because of “insulting”. This is how he governs the country.
T. Erdogan and the AKP government make mukhtars, shopkeepers, order leaders, taxi drivers and bureaucrats to spies, with promises of financial prices they encourage revolutionary militants to be caught or killed; with hidden subventions many retired soldiers and counter-gangs who committed war and torture crime are asked to take part in war again. And these murderers kill or injure dozens of people every day.

The colonial regime whose will has been broken in the war against the Kurdish guerrilla tried to govern through setting fire in the forests, make the people leave their villages and construct dams. Today the Kurdish youth and women have declared self-administration and self-defence in the cities and show a determined and great resistance. To break this resistance houses and schools are bombed. And if it is not enough, it was declared that provinces such as Sirnak and Hakkari will be transferred to other areas. They want to play with the geographic structure and change the cities’ places to achieve a result. However, history has shown that dictatorships were always destroyed besides of achieving results.

Today the fascist colonial Turkish regime leads a dirty war in Northern Kurdistan without any rules, law, borders and moral. Crimes against humanity are committed and the whole world and everybody could see that. The pictures of the colonial and occupying destruction and savagery we had seen in South Africa, Vietnam, the Balkans and Palestine in history now happen in Kurdistan.

The US and EU imperialists support the crime against humanity that Turkey as a NATO member commits. The migration wave, DAIS and the intervention of Russia in Syria have achieved that they are being supported in elections and support for their attacking politics.
In Turkey 1128 academics signed a petition called “we won’t be part of this crime” and called for peace and brotherhood. Following the government’s strict statements and investigations academics in Turkey and all over the world, students and artists supported them and gave statements.
The BDP ’s “call for mobilisation” continues in form of a march for freedom from Amed to Botan. Thousands of Kurdish prisoners have started a hunger strike to warn.
The call for action made at the HDP congress in Turkey as well as the call to revolutionary parties to become active and the university youth to make actions have shown to raise the resistance of our people against tyranny and savagery.
Our people, youth and women call on the world’s people and their revolutionary parties, groups and institutions to make an internationalist solidarity call.
Any voice from any continent, country, any revolutionary and progressive party will strengthen not only the Kurdish and Turkish people, but it will help to stop and push back the fascist regime’s politics who are also enemies with the people in the Middle East.
Turkish embassies, Turkish institutions and their profits are targets of revolutionary actions. International support against the fascist siege will be a great power and source of moral.
Down with the fascist dictatorship!

Long live the Kurdish people’s freedom resistance!

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