Friday, January 9, 2015

ATIK position - We Condemn the Massacre towards the CHARLIE HEBDO Magazine!

PARIS | 08-01-2015 | On January 7th 2015 three armed persons busted into the office of the Charlie Hebdo Magazine, the magazine was in their morning meeting, the armed gun men killed editorial director Stephane Charbonier together with 9 colleagues and two security personnel,  many people were injured. It is said that the reason for this massacre could be the cartoons that were published about the prophet Mohammed two years ago or the recent cartoons against the IS. Whatever reason the reason is, this is a massacre made by the reactionaries in collaboration with the imperialists against the freedom of press and speech. Whatever kind of reactionary group may be behind this, this is an attack towards free thinking people, and the right to publish freely, and most important it is an action against freedom of speech.    
The Charlie Hebdo Magazine has been taking threats since 2012 and was supposedly protected by the France police, it is very ominous that three gun men can bust into an office in the middle of the day in the center of Paris. Again just two years ago on January 9th 2013 the Kurdish politicians Saline Cansiz, Fidan Dogan and Leyla Saylemez were brutally murdered in Paris. Since two years the people who killed them have not been found and also here it is ominous to see that no results came out so far.

In a time where in France reactionary movements, anti-Islam propaganda is being waged it is questionable to have such a massacre. Also in a time in where movements like PEGIDA in Germany that is inciting chauvinist emotions amongst the people with anti-Islamic propaganda, a movement that tries to mobilize thousands of people into the streets with racist policies, gives doubtable contradictions to this massacre. Generally in a time all over Europe racism is developing, and racist parties come into power such a massacre is ominous and suspect.
Of course the main reason for this massacre is the massacres and occupations of the France state for the profits of the imperialist. In some Middle East countries, in Mali etc. people are being incited against each other, soldier units are sent to these countries and civilians are being killed, this could be one of the main reasons for the massacre.

Together with this massacre, just like by 9/11 all over Europe just like in France under the name of anti-terror war “new Security” laws with racist character are being passed. This is going to affect the migrants, and immigrants in Europe.
As workers and migrants workers, toilers and democratic forces we have to condemn this massacre but by doing so we must advance the common struggle for the unity of the people against racist, segregation laws and policies and so –called “new security laws”. Like Stephane Charbonnier once quoted “instead of bowing down on my knees I prefer to die on my feet” has a deep meaning. We should stay straight on our feed in our common struggle against racism, segregation, and imperialist policies. We as ATIK and member federations of ATIK condemn the reactionary attack against the Magazine and once more emphasize that we are on the side of all press workers that write free, think free!
ATIK-Charlie Hebdo Statement

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