Wednesday, January 28, 2015

for debate - the first text of PCm Italy

Syriza won the electoral challenge-PCm Italy

They got the consent of the masses, tired of the policies of sacrifice and misery imposed by the Troika in the last years, the fierce unloading of the crisis that condemned the Greece to be poorer and poorer and has saved, so far, the banks and, partially, the masters. A deep crisis that has seen the answer of the masses of Greece with a general struggle, sieges and assaults to the parliament and other institutions. Thus, behind the success of Syryza there are primarily the masses.
Therefore, proletari comunisti – PCm Italy firstly considers this result a fruit of the struggle of the masses. It was neither easy or granted. The corrupt political forces tied to the European and domestic finance, the speculation and corruption, have tried to prevent and restrain this result. They fed the most dangerous of the European fascist formations, Golden Dawn, which had tried with the demagogy and the anti-migrants and anti-left violence to occupy a prominent place in the political scene and impose the fascist option amidst the crisis of the country. The masses, and even more the proletarian, student, rebel youth are those who fought in the front line the fascists, the police infiltrated and the State that defended them. Syriza took advantage of the radical action of the masses and the youth rebellion, has capitalized and used them in the electoral arena. The result of the elections in Greece is relevant if you think that the “communist” list too has reached a significant percentage, this also was not granted, in a climate of strong polarization.
Anyway, the wind that comes from Greece is a wind of change and putting into discussion the big capital and of European imperialism. Of course now we are at a crucial point. Tsipras and Syriza are not a revolutionary force, but a new social-democracy. Their program is illusory in the just aspects favorable to the masses, and achievable only in its, so say so, pragmatic part, of which Tsipras boasts and that is recognized, of reconciliation of the interests of the Greek bourgeoisie with those of the European bourgeoisie, led by Germany (Tsipras has made statements of maximum opening to the latest decisions of Draghi and ECB). This reconciliation can not change, except in small details, the living conditions of the masses. It can not give them a job, a house, a wage to live, a decent health care and even less can give them the real power to decide on their present and future. For this, while it may appear the outcome of a fight, the victory of Tsipras is a stage of it and must be a new beginning. If the electoral victory stops the struggles, then the masses and above all the proletarians, the youth, will lose, and the fate of SYRIZA will be those of all social-democracies, to cover the capital, to serve the capital, to represent the capital in the clash between the bourgeois State and the masses. But another problem begins to emerge and with the rise of Syriza will be even more clear.
Greece is in an international context of a new tendency to the war and becomes a country in the trenches of the contention between the Western imperialist countries, led by US, and Russia, already grappling with a crisis on its doorstep in Ukraine. Greece borders one of the fiercest regional powers in the ascendant, Turkey, which on the one hand, as a prop of NATO and, on the other hand, as capitalism in its own, has always played a role of control and aggression towards Greece. So, the internal contention in Greece combines with the international situation, combining both the aspects of the class struggle, the revolutionary struggle for socialism and the anti-imperialist liberation struggle. The putschist and fascist traditions, supported by NATO, are a permanent feature in Greece.
Confronted to all this, Syriza is a boat in a stormy sea, a crock pot amidst iron pots. Proletari Comunisti – PCm Italy supports the workers and the masses who rejoice today, as well as all the forces that want the fight continues, the rebellion continues, against imperialism, capitalism and reaction. The days to come in Greece will be difficult days. It needs to have confidence in the masses, to build the Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Communist Party in the fire of the class struggle in close tie with the masses, to build a united front that gathers the masses who voted Syriza, to build a fighting force that challenges the fascist reaction, the bourgeois State, the open or covert troops of NATO imperialism and their hitman in the region, the Turkey of Erdogan.
PCm Italy
26 January, 2015

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