Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Free political prisoners in Brasil ! Immediate freedom for Igor Mendes, Caio Silva, Fabio Raposo and Rafael Braga! For the end of all trials! Student Revolutionary People’s Movement – Brazil

At the January 3rd completed a month of the arrest of Igor Mendes, activist from Student Revolutionary People’s Movement – MEPR and from People’s Independent Front of Rio de Janeiro – FIP/RJ. Igor Mendes was arrested for his participation in popular protests against Fifa’s spree and he’s one of twenty-three activists politically persecuted at Rio de Janeiro, accused of armed gang formation for exercising their right of free of speech and manifestation. Igor Mendes and other political prisoners and persecuted from management Cabral/Pezão/Paes (PMDB) and Dilma Rousseff (PT).
Recently, documents published by the monopolies of communication means exposes the existence of thousands of messages send between Military Police (PM) officers in a group on WhatsApp in between December of 2013 and January of 2014. In these messages the practice of physical aggression of demonstrators is assumed and defended. Fabio Almeida de Souza, then lieutenant colonel, who commanded police repression of demonstrations during struggle journeys of June/July of 2013 at Rio de Janeiro, is the author of unnumbered of these messages, many of which making apology of nazism. Was Fabio Almeida punished? On the contrary. He was promoted “by earning” last December 25th to colonel, the biggest post of Military Police.
In the field, the electioneering opportunist front of Dilma Rousseff (PT/PMDB/”Pe-ce-of-bê”/PSB) applies a repressive policy even more ferocious against the fight for land, particularly against the combatant peasant
movement in struggle for Agrarian Revolution. Unable to stop the persistent fight for land the opportunist management coordinates the bloodiest repression through criminals reinstatements of possession, kidnappings, tortures, murders and arrests in the objective of keeping untouched the big estate. In October of last year the political coordinator of Poor Peasants League from Northern Minas and South Bahia, Cleomar Rodrigues de Almeida, was murdered by gunmen commanded by big estate. The heads of the crime are free and their names don’t even appear at the police investigation.
Rafael Braga was detained at June 20th of 2013 during gigantic popular demonstrations at Rio de Janeiro for caring a bottle of disinfectant and another one with strength bleach; these materials were considered being explosive artifacts by the Public Ministry and the rotten judiciary, even after an investigation proved otherwise. Rafael Braga poor and black is the first condemned political prisoner of Brazil. The young man was convicted to five years of closed regime imprisonment and in July of last year conquered the right of fulfilling his sentence in semi-open regime.
About the real criminals, neckties at bourgeois parliament, we watch another chapter of the novel generically called “Corruption Scandals” with the complaints of theft on Petrobrás, company sacked government after government dismembered by the militaries and sold in parts by FHC (PSDB). And is not to marvel that, once again, PT figures between the protagonists of the plot, hence the company had its reserves dilapidated in auctions by Luiz Inácio/Rousseff (PT). The people are already sick of all this spree and everybody knows that won’t result in anything all this circus of real mockery with people’s suffering. At the end of the counting, the “corruption scandal” at Petrobrás makes the company even more vulnerable to the fury of bankers and foreign monopolies of the sector that aims to possess this valorous patrimony.
Caio Silva and Fábio Raposo are arrested since February of last year when they were considered guilty by the rotten judiciary and publicly lynched by press monopolies as responsible for the death of the camera-man Santiago de Andrade, who was hit by a firework during police repression to a popular demonstration at Rio de Janeiro. A trite event passed almost unnoticed by newspapers and news TV shows. During this year New Years Eve party two women and two kids were hit by fireworks at the balcony of the building where they live, at Foz do Iguaçu, Paraná. Did any anchor of these police-sensationalists shows or any Law graduate went on TV to charge the investigation of who lighted the firework? Of course not!
For is visible that it was an accident as it happens in thousands with these materials around the country, particularly during New Years Eve parties and June Parties. But, insufflated by Rede Globo, the Public Prosecution of Rio de Janeiro asked for Caio Silva and Fabio Raposo’s arrests, accused of homicide for lighting up during a demonstration a similar artifact to the one which generated the accident at Foz do Iguaçu. The young men are accused of triply qualified murder, including vile motivation, victim’s impossibility of defense and use of explosive.
If convicted, Fabio and Caio have a predicted sentence that can overcome thirty years of jail. The phony electoral process from last year passed largely by these questions relatives to the right of freedom of speech and manifestation, hypocritically defended as pillars of this poorly drawn democracy of the old Brazilian State. Exactly for the necessity of repressing the legitimate popular demonstrations there’s no real divergence between all the fractions and power groups inside the Single Party of dominant classes. But the fascist repression won’t be able detain the increase of popular protests facing the inevitable aggravation of economic, political and social crisis of bureaucratic capitalism in Brazil. The protests against the raise in public transport taxes that spreads around the country demonstrates that the same problems that lead the combatant youth to the streets during the struggle journeys of June/July of 2013 remain present.
At Rio de Janeiro, the last demonstration against the raise in transport taxes gathered over a thousand persons. Protests occurred and many others are being prepared in dozens of cities around the country such as São Paulo, Belo Horizonte and Recife. The combatant youth struggle for a free pass and in defense of public education, the closing of highways by big cities peripheries, the persistent land takings by the combatant peasant movement, the strikes at construction sites and factories summed with the sounding electoral boycott of last year are sparks that will burn the whole grassland! Indifferent to the squalid tenure speech from Dilma Rousseff and her funeral march followed by half-dozen PTists paid by the government at the Esplanada on January 1st, the people will continue to raise higher every time his red flags of combat and resistance!
The people prepare their rebellion!
Opens a new time for the Revolution!
Immediate freedom for Igor Mendes, Caio Silva, Fabio Raposo and Rafael Braga!
For the end of all trials!
To Rebel is Just!
Student Revolutionary People’s Movement – Brazil

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