Sunday, January 18, 2015

solidarity with Manipur revolution

Red Guards- Los Angeles, a Branch of New Communist Party- Liaison Committee, is organizing an International Event called A Night of Solidarity with Manipur in support of the Revolutionary movement of Manipur on the 25th January, 2015 at 6 o’clock in the evening at La Concha in East Los Angeles on the eve of the International Protest Day Against Indian Expansionism to be held on the Republic Day of India. In the function there would be a video show regarding the situation in Manipur with a discussion program on the context of National Liberation Struggle of Manipur and India at present. Indeed the function of the Red Guards- Los Angeles would remain as a remarkable day of historic landmark in the passage of the history of Revolutionary movements of Manipur. On behalf of the Peoples of Manipur, the Maoist Communist Party Manipur, of the New Peoples Militia, of the Revolutionary Mass Organizations and revolutionary people in Manipur, we send our warmest revolutionary greetings and heartfelt YAWOLNA YAIFARE (Red Salute) to the New Communist Party-Liaison Committee who is taking responsibility of Proletarian Internationalism in support of the Revolutionary Movement of Maoist Communist Party Manipur and National Liberation Struggle of Manipur in General. Please accept our revolutionary greetings to the National Leadership, all the members of your party and the revolutionary masses led by you. The presence of Maoist revolutionary pole in the United States with its Proletarian Internationalist Communist traditions is of great importance in our common struggle and we esteem your support.

"Your support in the true internationalist sprit, has given the necessary moral support to the oppressed peoples and the comrades who fight the Indian Expansionism in Manipur as a part of the world socialist revolution."

‘Proletarians of the world unite’ is an example of how to bring change in the world at large. Since this very slogan of Karl Marx has reached in the soil of Manipur now, the universal proletarian Ideology of Maoism is mushrooming in the minds of the new generation of Manipuri youngsters. Maoist Communist Party Manipur of which representing the new generation of Manipur, will fight peoples war with the true Internationalist sprit. The development of Maoist movement in terms of expansion, advancement and greater extension of strength around the globe engender courage and provides moral support to each and every Maoist of Manipur.

Our party, which further carries on the legacy of Lamyanba Hijam Irabot led Communist Movement, has developed the New Democratic revolution as an integral part of the world socialist revolution. We are being prepared in every quarter for a New Democratic Revolution and have been advancing. Our task is to complete the revolution led by Lamyanba Hijam Irabot by adopting the universal proletarian ideology Marxism-Leninism-Maoism as guiding principal of the party.

The New Democratic Revolution in the semi-feudal and semi-colonial, neo-colonial and colonial countries and the socialist revolutions in the capitalist-imperialist countries, which form the two streams of the world socialist revolution and the Marxism-Leninism-Maoism is more and more grasped by the people as their guiding ideology. People are becoming gradually aware that the imperialists, their lackeys/puppets ruler in the oppressed countries and all kinds of reactionaries are common enemies of all the oppressed peoples and nations in the world, and join more and more in the fighting ranks. All the basic contradictions in the world and in every country increase and intensify day by day.The world situation is excellent for the Proletarian revolution. Thus, the urgent task of communists everywhere in the world is to take the excellent objective conditions to politically mobilize and consolidate the oppressed masses and strengthen the subjective forces, because only a strong proletarian party and consolidated masses can successfully make revolution.

The International Event to be organized by The New Communist Party-Liaison Committee with a great role has become a new message to the people of Manipur. With this the Maoist Communist Party Manipur will be able to battle without remorse and evacuation as if the organizer has taught and directed us a new true path of Revolution with a new courage. The solidarity shown by Red Guards -Los Angeles in the very moment of the party being formed and strengthening gradually since last year, is much worth of and valued of utmost and it will wide-awake the people of Manipur in particular. This type of solidarity gives great confidence to the People of Manipur, convincing that they are not alone in their struggle.

Today, we are made feel much proud of the irreplaceable red blood of the Martyrs, sacrificed by our inimitable comrades in the efforts of the formation and development of Maoist movement, as their red blood has amalgamated in the ocean of World Socialist Revolution. We pledge before all of you that we would carry on the lofty aims of all great martyrs of the world proletarian revolution and announce that no amount of fascist repression can subdue the fighting spirit of our Party and the revolutionary people of Manipur. We will march forward with enhanced determination braving all kinds of odds and making sacrifices till the final victory. This is our promise to the international proletariat, to all the friends and well-wishers of Manipur revolution.

Long live the proletarian Internationalism!
Long Live Marxism-Leninism-Maoism!
Yawolna Yaifare.

Comrade Ngamtaaipa Meitei
International Department
Maoist Communist Party Manipur.

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