Friday, January 16, 2015

india - internationalism against avakianism - the last number of Naxalbari political journal before unity in PCI(M)May First 2014


Issue no: 4 of the NAXALBARI, political journal of the 

CPI(M-L)NAXALBARI, is posted.  

This issue contains a comprehensive repudiation of Avakianism, the deviation  promoted by the RCP, USA as a 'New Synthesis'.


The Challenges before the Maoists

Against Avakianism

The Situation in Nepal

To download the journal in .pdf or .doc format visit the following links - No: 4-pdf      No:4-doc

To download the repudiation of Avakianism in .pdf or .doc formats visit - Avk-pdf     Avk-doc
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