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contribution-call for the three international days of action against fascist modi's regime,agaisnt green hunt operation,support people's war india 29-30-31 january 2015

In the first decade of the century, the Indian economy has seen growth rates unprecedented in its history. A "development" modelled according to the dictates of the imperialist international institutions (WB, IMF, WTO etc.), subordinated to the interests of the domestic comprador bureaucratic bourgeoisie and landlords in collusion with imperialist multinationals and big international investors. This “development” has not brought any significant improvement in the living conditions of the vast poor masses of India, 80% of which continue to survive on less than one euro a day.
Instead, all inequalities actually grew and developed. Few tycoons have amassed fabulous wealth. The great Indian groups of which they are at the head, Jindal Mittal and Tata first, have grown to the point of conquering markets, properties and production quotas in the imperialist countries, particularly in the steel sector, where in many countries the Indian groups have become the top producers.
With Narendra Modi, the Indian ruling classes and their imperialist masters found the "strong man" they sought, to try to get out of the relative slowdown due to the global crisis and the growing resistance of the masses to their policies.
With an unprecedented pace and efficiency, in few days the government Modi has approved hundreds of mining and industrial projects, Special Economic Zones. It systematically open to imperialism all sectors of the Indian economy: from defense to insurance to natural resources - everything is for sale. It passed a labor reform that makes dead word rights and achievements of decades struggles of workers around the world, bringing back the clock of history.
This way India enters strongly the world stage of imperialism, while Indian multinationals win positions and an active role, while in the imperialist countries the ties between the Indian multinationals and local bosses consolidate in a relationship of collusion and alliance - still within strife and competition on the world market and through the economic and financial crisis. This way Indian multinationals become for the proletariat of the imperialist countries also an internal enemy and, on the other hand, the multinationals of the imperialist countries fully participate in the super-exploitation of the Indian proletariat and the loot of resources of India.
The proletarians in India and in the world are experiencing the hard way that the bosses, from America, to Europe, to India, are united in pursuing their bloody profits on the skin of the proletariat and the masses. This tie on the economic sphere, results in a new political harmony between the fascist Hindu government of Modi and the modern style fascist governments of imperialist powers. These governments want to walk hand in hand and the Indian government reiterate the international pressures to stop the support to the People's War and the struggle of the Indian people. But the workers are a single class at the international level and they have to tighten strongly their ties of solidarity and struggle.
For this we call on January 29 an international day of action at the factories of Indian multinational, Jindal Mittal and Tata in particular, to bring this message, both to the workers and the bosses, in India and the world.
We appeal to organize rallies, speeches, graffiti and all other forms of mobilization and action that are appropriate at the level of each country.
There is a wide range of agitation and propaganda publication, and a mapping of the possible objectives of mobilization.
Ask for them to

Not only the "development" produced in India by more than two decades of neoliberal policies applied by all governments and all parties at benefit of the Indian ruling classes, their imperialist masters and their multinationals did not produce any significant improvements in living standards the great mass of the people of India, it has not even brought any progress in the social and cultural relations, on the condition of marginalization and oppression of the masses of peasants and landless laborers in the countryside and the untouchables, the religious and national minorities, women, in the cities and across the country. Quite the contrary, the situation is actually even worse.
The mechanisms of expropriation of land and the agricultural surplus have become more sophisticated and ruthless. The caste system has been strengthened. The military occupation of Kashmir, Manipur and other regions against the national liberation movements has continued and even escalated. The pogroms against religious and cultural minorities, particularly Muslims, have been repeated. The horrible incidents of rapes and murders of women have become an everyday occurrence. Intolerance and criminalization of democratic intellectuals and youth and any voice of dissent have become a system.
In 2009 the Indian ruling classes backed by imperialism have launched Operation Green Hunt, a real war on their own people, which aims to wipe out any resistance, but especially to behead and crush the Maoist revolutionary movement that was gaining strength and ground , extending into new areas.
A dirty war, waged using huge means in terms of troops, weapons and technologies. It applies the known strategy of "low intensity conflict", but of highest intensity are the heinous crimes perpetrated daily. Since 2009, hundreds of fighters and trade unions, political and revolutionary activists and leaders were massacred in "fake encounters", tens of thousands of adivasis, peasants, workers, women, students, young Muslims, intellectuals, activists of human rights and oppressed nationalities have been arrested and jailed without trial, all invariably branded as "Maoist" or "terrorists". Green Hunt has transformed the entire subcontinent of the "largest democracy in the world" in a "prison-house of people’s movements".
The rise to power of Modi is pushing the Operation Green Hunt to the so-called 3rd Phase. 3rd Phase means intensification. Further thousands of cops, paramilitary and private militias have a free hand in their attacks on people. It means reactionary mobilization of "saffron" mass organizations, normalization and "saffronization" of education and culture. 3rd Phase means extension. Day by day, the whole subcontinent, not only the "red corridor" where in which the Maoist revolutionaries operates and fight, becomes the ground of action of the State forces and their unpunished violence. Ultimately, 3rd Phase means generalization of the war on the people. The target is no longer the "Maoists", "terrorists" and the tribal masses "manipulated" by them, but any organized opposition, each voice that opposes the "development" of India as a new international power.
For all these reasons, in the second International Day of Solidarity, on 30 of January, we call to organize actions at embassies, consulates and other government institutions of India, with rallies, protests and press conferences that will ask loudly the end of the "war on people", to develop a 3rd Phase of international solidarity, to expose and refute the lies and arrogance of the fascist Brahminical Hindu regime and the imperialist godfathers.
Also on this, there are a lot of information, agitation and propaganda publication, useful in the preparation and realization of initiatives.
Ask for them to

In March 1967, with the armed peasant revolt of the small village of Naxalbari, began an epic of liberation of the Indian people from the yoke of three mountains: the condition of semi-colony, the dependency relationships that the formal independence from the British Empire in 1947 has not substantially affected; the semi-feudal relations, inextricably linked to the caste system that survives and indeed today is strengthened, despite the rhetoric of "development" that all governments repeat, and condemns the vast majority of the people to disdain and marginalization; the bureaucrat comprador capitalism, grown in cahoots with imperialist capital up to win positions in different areas and on an international scale, but still based on the super-exploitation of the workers and the selling off the country's natural resources, that instead of "development" and civil progress brings new forms of oppression even more ruthless and barbarized.
Three mountains which support and feed off each other. Against them a tumultuous people's war developed led by the heirs of the glorious beginning of Naxalbari, the Maoists, who 10 years ago united in the CPI (Maoist).
This people’s war showed the power of the armed masses led by a Maoist Communist Party. Thanks to the leadership of this party, the People's War has spread across the country and has built its bases in about a third of its territory. Thus the people’s war has become the main internal threat to the Indian regime and imperialism in a crucial region of the world. This people’s war has radiated its message and strength among the oppressed masses in the world.
Against this threat, the Indian regime, supported by imperialism, unleashed the most ferocious repression against the people in struggle. The "Operation Green Hunt" is a real war on people. The heart of this repression is to hit the CPI (Maoist), the leaders, cadres, members and supporters, not only in the areas of struggle but also in the cities, universities and in all classes and social sectors that support or sympathize with the people's war, the Maoist rebellion, the armed rebellion of the masses.
In a scenario of global crisis from which the imperialist system is unable to get out, the people's war in India is message and reason of hope, not only for the oppressed masses of the country but for the workers and peoples in the world. It is an experience to be made known to the masses around the world, to draw not only confidence from the strength of the actions of the People’s Army, but also lessons on the nature and development of the people’s movements that the party leads and the people's war collects and inspires, because the advancement of people's war in India calls into question the balance of power not only in South Asia but in the entire structure of the world imperialist system.
For this, on 31 January 2015, for the third International Days of Action and Solidarity with the People's War in India, we appeal to organize massive initiatives and propaganda, of the extraordinary reality of this struggle, its achievements, the great difficulties it has passed and those that it still faces, the role in it of the masses, movements, classes, social sectors, and, most decisive, the leadership of Maoists.
We appeal to organize meetings, conferences, panels of information wherever active forces exist in solidarity and masses to which convey the thunderous echo of the revolution in India.

Materials, documents, videos, publications to prepare and hold these initiatives are to be asked to:

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