We apologize for some grammatical and spelling errors in our four-year summation. But the biggest mistake, found in the “On the synthesis of Unified People’s War as the universal application of PPW within the capitalist centers of the world,” can undoubtedly cause confusion among the U.S. MLM movement and within the International Communist Movement. We need to provide clarification on our position on this point.
The urban centers are primary and the less-populated rural areas, a sort-of “countryside” in the U.S., would be secondary. So the text in question should read as follows:
“The *urban centers, would be primary. But the *countryside would be necessary yet secondary- but one without the other is a doomed dogmatic and outdated application of PPW.” Pg. 77
We argue that Unified Protracted People’s War within the U.S. will be the reversal of what the Communist Party of Peru had done, with countryside being primary and cities being complementary. We can’t be dogmatic with the application of People’s War, and therefore its revisionist misunderstanding. It is not primarily surrounding the cities from the countryside; but rather People’s War is a war requiring the direct revolutionary participation of the masses. Much of the working-class population lives within the cities and suburban areas. 62.7 percent of the population lives in the cities, but that is only taking up 3.5 percent of the land mass of the continental U.S.[1]
We must go where the masses are, principally the proletariat, and fundamentally the industrial proletariat. These industrial centers are in the cities and just slightly outside of the cities (but absolutely not in rural areas).
Another mistake is shown in the same section where we argue that PPW will spark in the Chicano Nation, but this was reflecting our old line that we have corrected in our updated position on the Chicano Nation[2]. We encourage readers to read our clarification on this line[3]. We reiterate that we have united with Red Guard Austin’s Sunbelt Thesis and that PPW would more than likely be initiated within the Black Nation.
RGLA is in the midst of struggling over the application of UPPW in the U.S. and a much larger book-length piece on the subject is in the works. If Maoists are serious about PPW in the U.S. we must begin, now, to theorize over how it will be applied based on a concrete analysis on the concrete conditions.
Lastly, another mistake is found in the “Gentrification is a trench of proletarian battle – the duty of communists is to build and seize the moment.” It reflects our erroneous theorizing that the specific type of capitalism within the Chicano Nation is bureaucratic capitalism but, as it has been reflected in our updated position on the Chicano Nation, that is not the case. Bureaucratic capitalism is something specific to semi-feudal and semi-colonial conditions, of which the Chicano Nation does not suffer from. Our type of capitalism is a state (public) and non-state (private) collaborationist type of capitalism but it is more advanced than capitalism within the colonies or semi-colonies of the Global South.
Now, we are glad to announce, that STPLA will be providing a few copies of our summation this coming Sunday at Mariachi Plaza at 5:30pm.
[1] https://www.census.gov/newsroom/press-releases/2015/cb15-33.html
[2] https://redguardsla.org/2018/06/29/updated-position-on-the-chicano-nation/
[3] https://redguardsla.org/2018/07/04/defeat-u-s-imperialism-for-the-proletariat-and-all-oppressed-nations-clarification-and-reaffirmation-on-the-chicano-national-question