Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Air force officer shot in the People´s War in Peru - new epoch

On August 9, Elmer Audiencio Quispe Ríos was killed in an ambush by combatants of the People´s Liberation Army, which is led by the Communist Party of Peru. According to intelligence reports of the Air Force, the attack was carefully planned and even though search operations in the vicinity of Virgem de Ccasa in the district of Canayre in the province of Huanta (Ayacucho) entailed the assault no arrests were carried out.

For quite some time Air Force, Army and Navy are on high alert in the Valley of the Apurímac, Ene e Mantaro Rivers (VRAEM). Prior to the attack that resulted in a reactionary officer´s death, some explosives, together with some bullets and a hammer and sickle flag, were found alongside the railroad tracks in the same region by the military. Still the ambush, organized by the PCP, went flawless.

"We communists are made for the highest difficulties. The imperialists and revisionists, in their holy alliance, spread through the wind the supposed defeat of the Party, the defeat of socialism, the bankruptcy of Marxism. We warn them that they can storm cannons, throw demolishing blows, prepare the worst genocides against the people but they can´t prevail. “

This was said in an interview with a militant of the Party, comrade Laura, who, according to A Nova Democracia, assumes the responsibility of leading the Party in VRAEM. With the most recent actions in the People’s War in Peru, amidst the general reorganization of the Party, what comrade Laura said in 2012 is proven once again:

"… we want to reaffirm as many times it may be necessary [ …] for the peoples of the world to draw lessons from our accomplishments and errors. It is the Communist Party of Peru that dared to initiate the People´s War and we are waging it through the years. The principal fundament to sustain this war is the ideology of the proletariat, Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Gonzalo thought …“
More information on Nuevo Peru website.

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