Wednesday, August 29, 2018

India - Students protest in support of Prof Satyanarayana

Students protest in support of Prof SatyanarayanaCondemning police searches in the house of revolutionary writer Varavara Raoʹs daughter Pavana and her husband, Professor Satyanarayana, who is a faculty member in The English and Foriegn Language University (EFLU), located near a century-old Osmania University, students of the EFLU called for boycott of classes on Wednesday. The events took place at Prof Satyanarayanaʹs residence on Tuesday, draw the attention of the country. It is 8:30 am, after sending their daughter to school, the couple about to leave house to perform their duties at their respective educational institutions, as many as 20 police personnal belongs to Maharashtra and Telangana barged in to their house. Dragged their mobile phones and started searches. Itʹs like house arrest situation to the Professor and his wife. By doing so the police personnal cut their contacts with outer world. As the news broken out, as many as 20 faculty members and 100 students of EFLU reached the house and staged sit-in protest on the road. They settled there till 7pm when police concluded their searches and leave the campus. The police even didnʹt allow their daughter in to the house during search operation. The agitators raised slogans against Telangana CM KCR and PM Narendra Modi. They organised a protest rally in the campus. Later addressed the media and condemned the searches.

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