Sunday, December 23, 2018

AUSTRIA – Activities against EU-Africa Summit

On the 17th and 18th of December the EU-Africa Summit was held in Vienna (Austria) under the Presidency of the EU council by Austria. Various activities were made in protest against the summit of the imperialist exploiters and oppressors. Struggling anti imperialists and activists from African migrants were part of these protests and showed the justified slogan „EU: Hands off Africa!“

On the 17th of December there was a strong demonstration which was dominated by anti imperialist slogans like „EU, China, USA – Hands off Africa!“. The „Alliance against the plundering of Africa“ and especially it‘s anti imperialist activists gave a lively and struggling expression to this demonstration. On the second day of the summit there was an activity of migrant activists from the D.R. Kongo against the summit and especially against the president Paul Kagame of Ruanda. They expressed that for example the Smartphones which are used in the „Western Countries“ are paid for with the blood of the Congolese peoples and that the EU is one of the main actors in this bloody exploitation. At this activity there was a good unity between activists from Kongo and anti imperialist activists from Austria, which is an important step forward to joint protests and struggle against imperialist aggression and exploitation.

These actions and protests against the EU-Africa summit are an important sign against Chauvinism and for the importance of international solidarity. Bourgeois media try to hide the exploitation and suppression of the African masses, as well as by „left“ activists and organizations. This solidarity and the joint struggle of African and Austrian activists is an important step in the struggle for the slogan „Imperialists out of Africa“. There was also a banner with the slogan „For the new-democratic revolution!“. Against all the imperialist cry of „development aid“ and „underdeveloped countries“, only the struggle for the new-democratic revolution will bring real independence from imperialism!

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