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PERU: The ears of the false independent journalist Gorriti and the stories that he never counts - AND

We publish an english translation of the article PERU: The ears of the false independent journalist Gorriti and the stories that he never counts that was originally published in Nuevo Peru blog ("Los oídos del falso períodista independiente Gorriti y la historia que nunca cuenta).
PERU: The ears of the false independent journalist Gorriti and the stories that he never counts

SIU (Sensitive Investigative Unit) is the team of Yankee imperialism that commands the teams that are the ears of the "independent" periodontist Gustavo Gorriti, agent of the US Department of State.
Gustavo Gorriti, since February 1966, along with another well-known journalist from the newspaper La República, did his military service for his country, the Zionist State of Israel, then he presumably went to the MOSSAD to spy in Lima a strong colony of Palestinians who were organized in the PLO Then he would be captured by Yankee imperialism through its system of kisses and started to work for the USA. He was the operator of the special academic team formed by the State Department under Samuel P. Huntington ("The Clash of Civilizations ") to do the research on the Party Gerat Leader and the PCP. The results he published in a booklet, and the investigations as a whole, which were not naturally public knowledge, served as the basis for the planning and execution of the counterrevolutionary war against the People's War in Peru, first to advise the repressive forces of the old Peruvian State and then from April 1992 so that the Yankee imperialism directly directs the counter-subversive war as a "low intensity war".
Gorriti advised Yankee imperialism and the CIA for the so-called hoax of the "letters" and "peace agreements" that were applied against Chairman Gonzalo and the PCP to seek to annihilate the People's War. Gorriti affirmed before his Yankee bosses that "in the case of the fundamentalist movements the death of their leaders strengthens them because it creates a martyr" (see minutes before the Committee on Foreign Relations of the Yankee Senate and before the German Bundestag at the end of 1992) . Advising to destroy first his image as a great revolutionary leader and then annihilate him. He advised proceeding in a manner similar to that shown in the film "The Confession" (see Letters of October 1993, who brings the Chairman´s photo with the article "He broke ...", he is behind that number of the magazine paid for by US AID).
All this serves as a basis to understand the complaint that is being made by the PCP (RC of the MPP) on this agent, now let's read what the SIU is in the official website of the Yankee DEA:
 "The DEA currently employs nearly a thousand SIU employees in 26 teams in 10 foreign countries, with most of these SIU teams deployed in regions such as Southeast Asia and South America, where narcotics organizations have a strong and powerful presence. In the last 18 years, SIU teams have been responsible for the main arrests and arrests for drugs, including Armando Villareal, Diego Sanchez and Monzer Al Kassar.
The SIU teams act mainly in two areas. They can carry out missions without the cooperation of local authorities or they can establish strict verification procedures to ensure that local collaborators are trustworthy. These security procedures have helped ensure the effectiveness of international investigations and the safety of DEA personnel working abroad.

DEA sensitive research unit work description
The work of the SIU team requires that members master the following skills:
     Operate encryption programs and technology to transmit information.
     Use strict communication protocols in questionable environments.
     Evaluate potential collaborators and train them.
     Carry out clandestine investigations and missions abroad.
     Investigate the background of local translators.
     Maintain a constant awareness when traveling or entering unsafe environments.

How to become a member of the DEA's sensitive research unit
The first step to joining an SIU team is to join the DEA as a special agent, intelligence officer or administrator. (...)
At the time of hiring, new employees will complete an appropriate training program for their job title. (...) new members must complete a five week SIU basic training course at the DEA Training Academy. This course will include topics on
    Technical training
    First aid
    Wire interception
    Computer training
    Raid planning
The purpose of Basic Training is to provide the skills to conduct investigations and operations in foreign environments where information security is at risk. SIU members should be able to maintain information security even when they collaborate closely with organizations or possibly engaged local staff. "

So far from the SIU on the SIU, but also add on the role of the DEA that under the pretext of the "war on drugs" performs its espionage work against the countries where they operate and against the people of those countries, as well says the DEA itself about its intelligence unit:
"Intelligence Division: As a federal agency with operations around the world, the DEA relies heavily on accurate information about other governments, criminal and terrorist organizations, and domestic and foreign companies."

It is necessary, in order to have a more complete idea, to read the local information about the Constellation Team of the Peruvian police and prosecutors, now very well known, because it was this team that Gorriti handled for his espionage work to the CNM, to the so-called Judicial Power, prosecutors, businessmen and all hues of corrupt reactionaries, genocide, motherland sellers. All to defend the Yankee PPK and carry the plan of greater submission of the parliament and the judiciary and prosecution, etc. for the greater fascist centralization of power and now to legitimize Yankee deputy imperialist Vizcarra, always in compliance with the plan of reaction and imperialism for 2021 as a continuation of his so-called "green plan" that began to apply from the so-called "Fujimori self coup" "of April 5, 1992. Let's read in order of dates as they have been reporting the media in Peru regarding the SIU-DEA-GROUP CONSTELLATION FOR THE FIGHT AGAINST OUR PEOPLE AND TO DIRECT THE CONTRADICTIONS BETWEEN THE FACTIONS, GROUPS AND REACTIONARY CHARACTERS, ACCORDING TO THE BEST INTERESTS OF YANQUI IMPERIALISM. Here some selected news:


Wednesday, November 30, 2011 | 09:12

This is how Constelación works, the telephone listening system of Dirandro
The equipment has been used since May 2009 to fight against drug trafficking, terrorism and criminal mafias

Research unit
In an exclusive hotel on Encalada Avenue, near the US Embassy, DEA agents in Lima installed their portable polygraphy equipment. It was the first weeks of 2009 when the postulants - after reviewing their files and passing toxicological examinations - began to parade through the lie detector. Not everyone approved. The 'survivors' joined an elite team at Dirandro: the Special Investigations Division (Divinesp) or SIU (Sensitive Investigative Unit), an acronym used by US agents to identify their peers in Peru and other threatened countries. for drug trafficking.
The origin of that team and the program that today operate was forged at the end of 2007. That year, the DEA delivered an electronic intelligence tool to Dirandro. Since then, and due to opposition from the main telephone companies in the country, the program slept the dream of the just until 2009. Now, the agents and their counter-narcotics weapon occupy the sixth floor of the police headquarters in San Isidro. That unit of men and machines - of astronomical evocations and born to penetrate the habitat of narcoterrorism - was baptized, in police slang, as a Constellation. This is his story.

In 2002, after the closure of the National Intelligence Service (SIN) of Vladimiro Montesinos, Congress enacted Law 27697 that granted the Public Ministry the powers to intervene in communications. However, the rule fell into oblivion until 2007. The picture changed only at the end of that year, when the Anti-Drug Police received the equipment and ended the complex negotiations with telephone companies.
The program was finally implemented in the summer of 2009. Between January and April of that year the first range and fidelity tests were developed. Since then, the first rumors began to run about what happened on the sixth floor. Some agents, the most outdated, believed that the equipment was used in 2005 to capture the boss Fernando Zevallos 'Lunarejo'; others that served to stop the 2008 mariners of the Business Track company for 'chuponeo', and the most suspicious ones said that they were used to intervene to the FAP officer Víctor Ariza for spying for Chile. Neither one nor the other.

The first case occurred on May 19, 2009. Today it is known that the objectives of the christening were not great capos of the drug, but simple employees of a shipping agency that received parcels from Europe and that returned them to their place of provenance, but 'pregnant' with drugs. It was a case for oblivion, but the success of that investigation was not confiscated cocaine, less than a kilo, but in the range of possibilities that opened for future eavesdropping. After the first telephone intervention, the number of cell numbers entered into the system increased dramatically. Nobody imagined that two and a half years later (by October 2011) Dirandro already had 99 judicialized investigations and 1,024 gigabytes stored in its 1.80 cm high server.
With the passing of the months, the members of the Judicial Technical Department of Dirandro (Deptejud) - about 50 listening agents, between men and women who work 24 hours - trained the ear to such an extent that the act of interception became routine and they managed to identify, without difficulty, the charapa accent of a drug trafficker who claimed to be a cattle rancher in Aucayacu, the Andean tip of a cocalero in Llochegua and even the Quechua of a hiker in Huachocolpa. They also calculated that they required three days of listening to recognize targets that, on average, spoke about 50 seconds per call and that they used different cell phones to avoid being tracked. With this experience, and with the support of agents of the Divinesp who obtained the telephone numbers, the data of drug passes began to increase as much as the tons of cocaine seized (more than 12 since the equipment is used).
In the middle of that year, the anti-drug agents, with the support of the DEA, directed the wiretaps towards the Huallaga and the VRAE. With this information was placed, in 2010, the elusive Shining Path chief 'Artemio', who was filmed by an undercover agent. Then he beat, almost mortally, the hosts of one of the brothers of 'José' in Huancarama (Andahuaylas). The behind-the-scenes of these actions attracted the eyes of other intelligence units. The secret had lasted long. By mid-2010, the legends and half-truths about Constellation passed through the thick door of the sixth floor and ran like wildfire. Suddenly, the entire intelligence community wanted access to the interceptions.


The Joint Command of the Armed Forces It was one of the first organs to seek access to Constellation. Then they knocked on the door of the Deptejud prosecutors who sought the lifting of communications in any case. This situation revealed a gap in the procedures of the listening department: Law 27697 that endorsed the interdiction fiscal tasks did not have a regulation. This was resolved last February when the Public Ministry approved the "Protocol for Intervention and Control of Communications Procedures". Since then, this program and its regulations, unpublished in the country, have been refined on the fly.
One of the challenges for Constelación was what to do with the material heard that revealed criminal acts unrelated to a regular investigation for drug trafficking, terrorism or related mafias dedicated to crime and hired killers. With the endorsement of the prosecutors of organized crime it was decided to derive any new act - homicide, kidnapping or corruption - to the corresponding tax office for its investigation or, in other cases, to report to the forces of order in case of an attack. This happened with a group of coca leaf eradicators that was to be ambushed in the Alto Huallaga and a Navy convoy that the VRAE subversives were about to attack.
Two and a half years after becoming operational, Constelación has become the main enemy of narco-terrorism and organized crime. * For this reason, many have shown unusual interest in their secrets. In the Dirandro you have already noticed this situation. "Anyone can ask what they want, the interior minister or the director general of the police, but as long as there is no fiscal and judicial resolution, nothing will get," said an agent to this newspaper, "if we do it, the penalty is jail."

Politics (The Republic, 16.12.2011

"Constellation", the system that 'intercepts' 300 telephone lines in real time

You have to know it, recognize it and take care of it, but also monitor it. It is what the experience advises.

Alert. Thanks to international cooperation, Peru has for two and a half years with an electronic intelligence tool necessary for the fight against organized crime: "Constellation".
Edmundo Cruz
"Constellation" intercepts 300 telephone lines in real time. It means that if a scheduled line stops transmitting conversations, the interceptor automatically searches for another active line to spy on a list of thousands.
It's more. If the 301 phone call has a higher priority because it is from someone more important, immediately the oldest and lowest priority will be cut to yield to it. The system discriminates instantly. It has 1000 priority levels programmed.
Thus spy "Constellation", sophisticated interceptor of communications that since May 19, 2009 gives technical support and names a legal listening program, unique in Peru.
The "objective targets" of the program are rising national and international criminal organizations.
The Peruvians only knew about the illegal eavesdropping, which we called "chuponeo", until the year 2002, Law 27697 established this possibility of invading, under the judge's mandate, the privacy of people involved in organized crime.
Policemen, prosecutors and judges began to apply the device on a smaller scale. "Constellation" has printed an extraordinary potential for the legal tool. Congratulations.
The high-tech equipment for the program has been provided by the North American government through the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration). In the first semester of 2008 they were installed in the sixth floor of the Anti-Drug Directorate of the National Police (Dirandro).
Access to the floor is blocked. The elevator does not stop at that level. The teams occupy three restricted access environments: the Prosecutor's room, the Interceptor room and the Listening and Transcripts room or Office of Special Analysis (Ofianes). These three rooms only enter those who have registered their fingerprint in the electronic brains of the armored doors.
The Prosecutor's room is assigned to the representative of the Public Ministry attached to the program: the Superior Prosecutor for Organized Crime.
It is the smallest room (3 by 4 meters), but the computer with which it is equipped has special software, the only one through which the numbers to be intercepted can be programmed.
If the attached Prosecutor does not enter them, there is no "chuponeo".
That is one of the system's insurance. And it is also the only contact of the Public Ministry with the technical structure of "Constellation".
The other areas of the teams do not include any prosecutor, not even the Chief Prosecutor for Organized Crime or his Deputy.

The Listening and Transcriptions Room is the most populated, active and wide. There only the PNP commander in charge of the system and the analysts who handle about 30 listening equipment enter.
They work 24 hours in three shifts. While the interceptor records 300 lines in real time, they follow the conversation and make summaries, listen and decode (the criminals speak with codes), separate the useful from the banal and record, and when the listener suggests it, they launch an alert.
This is the technical structure of the program, one of the two that sustain it. The other is the legal structure, responsible for processing the court order and listening.
The provincial prosecutors, superiors and the Superior Prosecutor for Organized Crime, together with the police officers in charge of the cases, are the architects of this work that takes place outside the sixth floor of Dirandro.

A neuralgic step of listening is the notification of the judicial mandate to three destinations: (1) the Prosecutor assigned to the system that enters the numbers to be intercepted, (2) the telephone companies supplying the numbers that open the "chuponeo" channel, and (3) Dirandro, the ears of the listening.
The chain does not seem so secure. Fragments of Fefer case records leaked to television and this last step would have been the escape route. The minutes contained "chuponeo" to the phono of Iván Torres, lawyer of the accused Bracamonte and Castro, and partner in the same law firm of the then Vice President Omar Chehade.
The authorities of Dirandro have admitted this possibility. "
 "Stories never told
The ears of 'Constellation'

Few people know that on the sixth floor of the Anti-Drug Directorate of the National Police (Dirandro), in San Isidro, there is an electronic telephone interception equipment capable of recording 300 cell phone lines in real time.
It's called 'Constellation'. It is one of the main enemies of organized crime. Many important cadres of drug trafficking and terrorism are imprisoned thanks to this electronic intelligence program. One of them is the Shining Path chief 'Artemio'.
The request to 'chuponear' a telephone can be done by a police officer or a prosecutor who investigates a certain case, but it must be authorized by a judge, who establishes up to the terms of the interception.
The equipment was donated in 2008 by the DEA, the American body that represses the drug trafficking in the planet, but it only began to operate in May 2009, after telephone companies reluctantly agreed to collaborate with this listening system. 
The place where 'Constellation' works seems like something out of a science fiction movie. Your access is blocked. The elevator does not stop on that floor. Only personnel who have registered their fingerprint in the electronic memories of the armored doors can enter.
The environment is compartmentalized into three major divisions: the Prosecutor's Room, the Interceptor's Room and the Listens and Transcripts Room or also called Special Analysis Office (Ofianes).
The most responsible work, the most exhausting, falls on the 50 agents in charge of listening and analysis, which are mostly women. For 24 continuous hours, divided into three shifts, these anonymous policemen spend their time listening to conversations and decoding dialogues, since criminals speak in code and nicknames. Then they make summaries and interpretations. They have a finely trained ear, which allows them to identify the natal accent of any person. There are jocular cases in which, for example, a 'charapa' tries to speak like a piurano to confuse his location at that moment.
Many times, the agents of 'Constellation' have saved the lives of their own colleagues who work in the VRAEM. Thanks to the eavesdropping they were able to alert them that the terrorists and drug traffickers were preparing ambushes and follow-ups.
The listeners are part of an elite group of the Dirandro. Your selection is rigorous and impeccable. In 2008, when the contest for the 'Constellation' program was launched, the candidates had to pass an exhaustive check on their personal lives and pass toxicological exams.
The few who passed that evaluation were summoned to an exclusive hotel on Encalada Avenue, near the US embassy.
There DEA agents waited with the most sophisticated polygraphy equipment to detect lies. Every year they undergo this test.

We Peruvians should be proud to have policemen like them. "(So there are also all kinds of miserable reactionary creepers like the one who wrote the note, who are proud of these" funny "alcos")
So far the news that allows us to know the real role of agent Gorriti, through knowing how he gets and the service of who uses the information, so we can know what the ears of the false freelance journalist Gustavo Gorriti and dig a bit in the stories that never counts
To finish we read the news that shows how the reactionaries often end up trapped by the very trap that they helped set up to use against the people, as is the case of the fascist, geniocida and vendepatria Alán García Pérez just like his Brazilian counterparts Lula and Dilma or Cristina Fernández de Argentina, etc. Let's read how AGP cries now:
" • Politics in The Republic

Alan claims to be spied, but before he planned to spy on Humala
Alan García blamed Martín Vizcarra for chuponeo. Earlier I knew of espionage to Ollanta Humala. Credits: EFE
The journalist Edmundo Cruz had assured that Alan García knew about Chulloneo Ollanta Humala in the 2011 elections. The former Aprista president now victimizes himself to be spied on.

APRA members around the house of Alan García had denounced an attempt to chuponeo by showing an intelligence van in the place. The former president was victimized by the alleged espionage; However, the Apra leader knew that Ollanta Humala's communications had been intercepted when he was a candidate in the 2011 general election, according to journalist Edmundo Cruz.
(...) "Could not such a plan, executed with a system like 'Constellation', have been carried out if it is not with the knowledge of the minister and, of course, (of Alan). It is a matter of great responsibility, because there is a commitment to the authorities of the North American government, "said Edmundo Cruz.

As the journalist indicated, the implementation of the Constelación listening tool, during the second Alan García government, was to locate Florindo Flores Hala, alias 'Comrade Artemio', of the Shining Path terrorist group. However, with the 'Smoke Plan', the real objective was to spy on Humala. "

And we ended with a news about the elections for regional governments, which does not need further comment on our part, to show how the old semifeudal, semi-colonial society and where a bureaucratic capitalism develops and the old land-bureaucratic state at the service of imperialism is sinking , Yankee mainly. Old and rotten State that supports and defends it:
"• Politics (The Republic)

More than half of regional candidates face investigations

Processed Second round of 2018 Regional Elections has 18 candidates with accusations. In the case of the province of Lima, the candidate Javier Alvarado, of the Peru Joven movement, is a fugitive from justice.

If it is about problems with justice, the Regional Elections 2018 have nothing to envy to what happens in the country due to the Lava Jato case. On Sunday 9, while the national referendum is taking place, in 15 regions the second round will also be held to define who their regional governors will be.

However, of the 30 applicants participating in this process, 18 are in legal dilemmas. Even the candidate to run the province of Lima is fugitive. This is Javier Alvarado Gonzales, who is running for Peru Joven. He has a sentence of six years in prison for collusion dictated by the Judicial Power of Cañete, but his defense alleges that the Superior Court of Justice has to give his final verdict, otherwise, it will not be delivered. For the same crime, the Huaura Prosecutor's Office requested nine months of preventive detention this week. "

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