Sunday, December 23, 2018

Kashmir - Again killings by Indian forces

Last week, Indian forces surrounded a village in the southern Pulwama area, pointing out that revolutionary militants are hiding there. Residents of the village expressed solidarity with the revolutionary fighters and called slogans for the end of Indian rule over the Himalya area and threw stones at the Indian troops to help the militants to escape.
When the residents took to the streets to solidarize with the revolutionaries, the Indian troops opened the fire with bullets and tear gas grenades. Seven people were killed and dozens injured. "They shot us as if they were practicing their weapons," said a resident of the village.

As a result, the revolutionary militants demanded that the Kashmiri population be mourned and protested for three days, as the murders of civilians and revolutionary militants are part of Indian state policy.
The violent attack on the villagers sparked protests at various locations in the region over the weekend.

The conflict in Kashmir has been going on for decades. Since the division of "British India" in 1947, Pakistan and India are fighting for influence in Kashmir. From that time on, most of the population saw Kashmir as an independent state and fought for it. In the bourgeois media, the so-called rebels have been and are being portrayed as Islamic fundamentalists in order to prevent the population from joining.
Nevertheless, sections of the population have recognized bourgeois propaganda. In recent years, especially young Kashmiris with the Indian state so-called "rebels" have shown open solidarity and try to protect and support for the independence of Kashmir.

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