Sunday, November 27, 2016

after 24 november - ICSPWI



 after 24 november 2016 International day of actions - 5°Kishenji's murder Anniversary ,  - news in next days - the large and open prolonged campaign continues
Let’s prepare with attention, unity and struggle the International Day 28 january 2017 – actions, demostrations, public meetings with video-speakers-music..
Stop State’s terrorism - stop Green Hunt and massacres– down Modi's pro-imperialism and fascist regime - support people’s war !
Lets organise the european tour  of a representant of intellectuals and organisations engaged in India against Green Hunt and fascist Modi’s regime - in spring 2017
All together for an International and internationalist demostration for Naxalbari’s revolt 50°anniversary 1967-2017 – may 2017

A new talk meeting will organise the tour and the demostration -
date and place of this talk-meeting will be comunicate in the next weeks.

24 november 2016
for info- pubblications -posters – calls – to send local decisions etc
write to

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