Sunday, December 11, 2016

for debate - NepalBiplav faction took the side of Social-Imperialism from - the next front

castro_krushWhat about Fidel Castro? He is a revolutionary or a revisionist? It is not the question to be confused. The revolutionaries, who have deep faith in MLM, recognize Castro as the pawn of Social-Imperialism, not a revolutionary socialist.
But the faction, Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist), led by Netra Bikram Chand ‘ Biplav’  has portrayed Fidel Castro as a great revolutionary Communist leader, who fought throughout his life for the cause of Socialism.
In a press statement released after the death of Fidel Castro, Biplab faction has mentioned Castro as  a lofty figure in the international communist movement. Further, the statement  has mentioned : ”Though a lot of limitation  on the side of Cuba surfaced after the rise of Kruchev in the Soviet union and great debate took place between the USSR and the socialist china, still Cuba remained firm and communist pillar right under the nose of Us imperialism and its persistence deterrence.”
Here is the full text of the statement.

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