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Vienna - Austria - Down with the racist asylum system!

We publish here an report and a text, which where spread on occasion of a demonstration against deportations in vienna, on the 26. november 2016

Report: Demonstration against deportations in Vienna (Austria)
On Saturday the 26.11.2016 around 1500 people protested against the fascist deportation-politics in Austria. The demonstration went from Westbahnhof to Ballhausplatz, passing the Shoppinsgstreet „Mahü“.
With loud slogans acitvists of the Antifascist-Action – Newspaper together with the ILPS (International League of Peoples Struggle) joint the demonstration. Althought we were not as many people as other organisations we were absolutely the loudest part of the demonstration. Slogans against the imperialist deportation politics, like „Deportation is torture, deportation is murder, we want the right to stay now!“ or „The true face of their democracy, massmurderers thats what they are!“ got popular under parts of the demonstration and they also took up these slogans. This is proving to us, that it is not just important on demonstrations how many people there are, but it is very important also, which political contant gets spread.
Stop deportations! Down with imperializm!
For the power of the people!

You can download the text as pdf here!

Down with the racist asylum system!
Solidarity with the struggle against imperialism!

Every day in Austria 28 people get deported. Only in the first half-year in 2016,  5.163 people got deported. These were 23% more than in the same time in 2015. Due to the plans of the Austrian Interior Ministry there should be over 50.000 people get to be deported until 2019. They do not even stop in front of sick or old people, children or pregnant women. The so called „safe third states“ where many people get deported are countries like Turkey, Afghanistan, Hungary, Ghana,…- countries where everybody knows that deportation means torture, misery and death for many of the refugees.
The deportations are one part of the racist and fascist politics of the Austrian state and its hypocritical double standards. It is no secret that the Austrian imperialism profits from the exploitation of the third world (mainly in eastern Europe and Balkan) and at the same time is exporting weapons in actual war centers like Syria or is sending task force from the military to Afghanistan. With there hunger for profits the ruling class in Austria walks over millions of dead bodies, destroys whole countries and then they are „wondering“ about “streams of refugees”! No party in the parliament opposes principally against this racist politics, they all agree on „upper limits“ for refugees and on deportations, and they all support to realize it and if necessary with millitaryplanes. Only when the people trust in their own force and with the strong unity of the people we could struggle for the rights of the refugees and migrants.
When there is oppression there is always resistance! Thousands of refugees struggle today in Europe against this fascist politics, and also in Austria there are many initiatives which are resisting against racism and deportations. This is good and justified! When we want to struggle consequently and sincere for the improvement of the situation of the refugees and migrants we also have to fight against the reasons for the refuge, this means we have to struggle against Imperialism! This profit-orientated murdering system has to be destroyed, otherwise there will be always thousands and thousands drown in the Mediterranean sea, or get deported in war countries. For the smashing down of the imperialist system we have to stand strongly together, shoulder to shoulder we have to struggle and get organized!
No to deportations!
Immediately and absolute right to stay for all refugees and migrants!
Full right to work for all refugees and migrants!
Universal right to family reunion; Full health care and social insurance!
Support the justified struggle of the refugees against Imperialism!
Down with Imperialism! Forward to the power of the people!
Long lives international solidarity!
Antifascist Action – Newspaper
International League of People’s Struggle (ILPS-Austria)


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