Friday, December 23, 2016

Italy- The Communists and the Struggle of Migrants

The struggle of migrant in the reception centers in Taranto - sud Italy - extends, a protest triggers another one and, as a "chain", immigrants gradually break blackmail, threats, the open or covered racism by imperialist humanitarianism, and carry on the struggle against the authorities and the NGOs that are unmasked, those run by the priests as well as to those managed by the fake "left".
And the struggle is encouraged and strengthened by the unity of the various situations of migrants.

In this, the Marxist-Leninist-Maoists communists, through the Slai cobas for the Class Union, work in order to make migrants the protagonists of the struggle, of its steps and decisions, so that they take it directly in their hands, against any logic of "fighting for them", existing even in section of anti-racists, that is another form, albeit noble, of imperialist ideology.
At the same time, the communists work to raise the consciousness of the ongoing clash and the battle needed: today the issue of migrants is one of cruxes of the contradiction between imperialist countries and oppressed peoples, a contradiction that can and should turn against imperialism and must find the class unity of the proletariat, the people’s masses in the imperialist countries, as Italy, and the migrants, in order to transform this increasingly important contradiction, both in the oppressed countries and in the belly of the beast, into the revolutionary struggle outside and inside the imperialist citadels.

The migrants’ struggle in Taranto, for the role played by communists and Slai cobas for the Class Union, is becoming a small concrete example of this battle, since the revolt in the camp in Manduria up to the wave of the of migrants struggles today.

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