On Monday the 19th of December a truck drove through a Christmas fair in Berlin, 12 people were killed and almost 50 were injured. The German bourgeois press and some bourgeois politicians quickly talked about a “terrorist attack”.
If it is an attack like the one in Nice (France), a now quite often drawn parallel, it can not be an excuse to demand solidarity with the imperialist state FRG. The communists are always on the side of the international proletariat and the peoples of the world. There is no justifiability of the imperialists and those who profit from their blood sucking, to demand that we should show more solidarity with the civilian victims in the imperialist countries than with the hundred of thousands times more victims in the oppressed countries by the imperialist aggression. The communists are revolutionary defeatists who wish for the defeat of the imperialist state in which they work.
The German communists along with other communist parties and organisations have determined their position on this issue:
“Only through that what Chairman Mao has given to us can we understand the situation in the countries of the so-called Greater Middle East, like Syria, in which two contradictions are sharpening and three forces are acting. The two contradictions are: 1.) the contradiction between oppressed nations and imperialist nations, the main contradiction, and 2) the interimperialist contradiction, the secondary contradiction. The three forces are: 1) the USA-imperialism, the only hegemonic super power, main enemy, and its temporary allies; 2) the atomic super power Russia and its temporary allies; 3) the attacked country, Syria, which includes all national classes and minorities except for a handful of treacherous followers of the theory of national subjugation. Even if the justified struggle of resistance is conducted heroically by the masses and must be supported by all revolutionaries it is still a weak force. To strengthen it and to secure the perspective of effective liberation of the masses the proletarian leadership is unavoidable. This calls out to the communists of Syria to reconstitute their Communist Party in the melting pot of armed struggle to construct a united front of national resistance against the imperialist occupation under the slogan of “Death to the occupants!” and after kicking out the external aggressor to carry forth the national democratic revolution to its peak, all of it by means of people's war. Also for the communists of the world the slogan “Down with imperialist war of aggression! Death to the occupants!” has to be taken up firmly and grasped through people's war to show the way to serve the development of the proletarian world revolution.”
Furthermore all revolutionaries and class conscious workers have to denounce that German imperialism with its aggression against the peoples of the world is responsible for an attack. And they need to stand side by side with their Muslim class brothers and sisters at work, in the quarters, at school and anywhere else against the chauvinistic hate. Just as clear they have to denounce that the FRG is using the events to deepen the militarisation of society. As it can be seen now by police patrolling Christmas fairs with machine pistols. When the German imperialists are now blabbering about the security of the population is nothing more to say that all foreign missions of the Bundeswehr (German armed forces) must be ended, the FRG has to leave the NATO and all exports of weapons must be stopped immediately. Because that may had some kind of effect on the security of the population in the FRG.