Wednesday, December 21, 2016

The Resistance against Imperialist War in Afghanistan must continue and grow


Shola Jawid English Section

The Resistance against Imperialist War in
Afghanistan must continue and grow

It has been fifteen years since the beginning of the US led imperialist aggression on Afghanistan. In the course of their aggressive and occupying war the American imperialists and its allies have committed numerous war crimes against our people. This imperialist war and criminal occupation in Afghanistan has not yet ended.
Barack Obama had announced that their war and criminal occupation would end in 2014. The occupying forces and their puppet regime with much ceremony and fanfare conducted a process of “transitioning of security responsibilities” and announced that the security forces of the puppet regime has now taken charge of the war and security responsibilities. But this so-called Afghanization of war did not mean the complete end of the imperialist occupation but was actually a mere change in the number of imperialist troops from 150 thousand to 15 thousand.
The security agreement between American imperialist occupiers and their puppet regime, which was a reminder of the agreements between the British colonialists and their Afghan satrap kings, was imposed on the country and its people and formalized the colonial status of Afghanistan. Based on this agreement the occupiers officially possess numerous strategic and long term military bases and have no restriction on dispatching any number of extra forces. Furthermore, the military attacks are being carried out also from outside of country such as from the military bases in Indian Ocean and even from the US itself.
Although certain imperialist and reactionary powers have withdrawn their forces from Afghanistan and yet these powers are still involved, directly or indirectly, and continue to support the American imperialist occupation of the country.
Therefore, the struggle against imperialist occupiers and their puppet regime not only has not ended, but is still in front of us as a prolonged struggle. In this situation the national revolutionary people’s resistance has the potential to transform into all-rounded resistance which could also attract the widespread support of public opinion within the imperialist countries, a support that is an important condition for forcing the imperialist occupiers to completely retreat and withdraw their entire forces from Afghanistan.
However, we should strive for the spread of the anti-war and anti-imperialist movement in Afghanistan and in imperialist countries themselves. These struggles can strengthen and widen the national revolutionary people’s resistance to imperialist wars in Afghanistan, the region and the world. The campaign against fifteen years of war in Afghanistan can and should be the new beginning for these struggles and its future development and spread into other imperialist countries particularly the occupying imperialist countries themselves.

Communist (Maoist) Party of Afghanistan
October 2016

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