Thursday, November 15, 2018

Canada - antifascism

On Friday November 2, the Munk Debates will host notorious fascist propagandist Steve Bannon.
Bannon, a former political advisor to US President Donald Trump, was directly behind the ‘Muslim Ban’, is a co-founder of the fascist website Breitbart, and since leaving the Trump regime has been an advisor to fascist parties and organizations around the world including most recently Bolsonaro in Brazil.
Bannon has been invited to debate “the rise of populism.” His opponent? David Frum, a former George W. Bush speech-writer credited with coining the term ‘Axis of Evil.’
Those behind the Munk Debates think that there’s something to be gained by broadcasting a debate between a fascist and a war criminal. We disagree.
The Revolutionary Communist Party supports the effort of Toronto Against Fascism, and calls on all of our supporters, all revolutionary, democratic, and progressively minded people across the GTA to show up in numbers and shut down the Munk Debates!
In the past we have written about the importance of building a fighting, militant, and mass-based movement against fascism. Now while fascism has taken hold of three of the five most populated countries in the world, where nascent fascist movements grow in our midst, it is more important than ever to crush fascism wherever it attempts to grow by any means necessary.
Smash fascism!
Stop the Munk Debates!

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