Friday, November 23, 2018

Italy - 25 novembre: We women irreducibly against! - agit/prop mfpr's contingent today in national women demostration in Rome

We women irreducibly against!



The Salvini/Di Maio government, the fascism-populism in power, changes the substance of things for women too and calls us to equip and organize properly, to fight it, to overthrow it.
It is a government that tries to regiment us, according to the concept "God, counrty, family" and the nexus "family, defense of private property, State".
It is government that gives a legitimization to the sexist humus and inevitably will lead to more sexual violence, femicides, homophobic aggression, on which the repressive law and order solutions are worse than evil (see the "security package"), because they are mainly repression of the freedom, rights, struggles of women.
An inhumane government, against the Constitution that has as main cement the war on migrants that leads to death hundreds of them, our sisters, children, and push them beck to the concentration camps of torture and rape in Libya. Salvini now exploits as a jackall the rapes and feminicides -as he did with the Desiree's case- in order to promote himself, to increase the persecution against migrants, to occupy the cities with the cops, who are often responsible of "authorized" rapes, for controls, prohibitions, desertification of social spaces, places of socialization, etc. - all things that facilitate the sexual violence on women.
A government that has as Minister of Family the clerical-fascist anti-abortionist Fontana who says: "Italian Women do not have enough children, it is time they make babies, enough with the children of migrants who have invaded Italy"; while in the Parliament the miserable Pillon (Lega) tries to cancel the divorce to tie even more women to the chains of a family where too often they find death and where the children are like luggage.
A government that changes nothing for women in terms of jobs and wages, continuing being at the service, as always, of masters. With the "dignity act" not even the precarious, temporary jobs, often the only jobs for women, remain now: for the companies it is easier dismiss and take others; while for permanent women workers the layoffs, the CIG (Ordinary Wages Guarantee Fund) continue to increase, along with the heaviness of working conditions and the hateful, sexual, racist discrimination on maternity, along with the usual sexual harassment at work. Even the hypothetical "pensions reform" will not change anything for us, we will not be able to retire before, our double work will not be recognized. In the same way, the "basic income", if and when it will be implemented, will be given to very few of us, who, moreover, will have to work for free and be subjected to an outrageous control on how they spend that poor money. At the same time, the load of the care increases, an unbearable boulder for women chained to a degrading domestic work.
All this does nothing but increases the economic dependence, which means more subordination, oppression, violence in the family. So many living intellectuals energies, of girls students are humiliated by a mortifying future.

But the strong movement of women/NUDM (no one less) has been in fact the first opposition to the formation of the Lega/M5S government and it is at the forefront of anti-racist, anti-fascist, anti-sexist mobilizations.
We all have the responsibility that the rebellion, the struggle of women will become more and more one the main "dangers" for this government, for the bourgeois State, for the masters, for "men who hate women".
Let us organize to unleash the revolutionary fury of women!
Organize, expand the proletarian revolutionary feminist wing of the women's movement, opposing the reformist influence of petty and middle bourgeois feminism, but also the opportunist trade-unionism, existing in some revolutionary groups or base unions, which overshadows, suffocates the great potential of struggle of women who raise 'with no ifs or buts' a central issue of revolution: "the whole life must change".
We are "the plus" that enriches the general struggles, the revolutionary battle of the proletarians and people’s masses to overthrow this rotten capitalist system, from earth to heaven, for a new society.

Revolutionary Proletarian Feminist Movement

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