Saturday, November 17, 2018

Italy margherita - From today, 15 November, I am free!

To get back to the struggle!
Thank you very much to everyone for your solidarity and the beautiful messages you sent.
Every day of "house arrest" was equally bright, and even more, thanks to you!

Sometimes the bourgeoisie is stupid too ... they think to be going to estinguish but instead they reignite!
And on this case too, of small repression, the stone raised by the bourgeois state has fallen much heavier on their feet ...

As the poem "The song of the class enemy" by Bertold Brecht quoted among the various messages sent puts:

" The rain falls upwards down.
And you are my class enemy.

For we are class enemies,
whatever they tell us:
He among us who didn't dare to fight,
he dared to starve.
We are class enemies, drummer!"

I will not keep all your messages, both collective and individual, just for me, for us.
They are too important and soon they will be returned all together to everyone.

Again a big hug,
See you in the struggle, in the fight for revolution!

Margherita Calderazzi

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