Thursday, November 29, 2018


Around the world, women used the 25th of November, the International Day against Violence against Women, to carry their justified protest and struggle to the streets, in Austria as well. Editors of the „Antifaschistische Aktion – Infoblatt“ took part in this year’s demonstration in Vienna. It was a very lively and loud demonstration, that attracted much attention. The day before, various actions and protests were set against a march of the clerical-fascist abortion opponents in Vienna.
Positively noticed was the internationalist demonstration, involving many migrants and slogans in different languages. This reflects the intensified oppression of the migrant women, who are particularly affected by the attacks of the ruling class. Especially strong was that the demonstration was attended by a strong contingent of red women, wearing a banner reading „Down with Patriarchy and Imperialism.“ These were noticeable by a good, combative mood and they contributed many slogans in the demonstration, which were then shouted by large parts of the demonstration. Slogans against the 12-hours working day and Patriarchy were demonstrating, that violence against women is not only individual, but is organized by the state and is directed against all women. Patriarchy is expressed thousands of times a day in the „own four walls“, but above all it is a harsh instrument of domination against the masses of women.
The main purpose of this demonstration was to demonstrate that, in addition to the legitimate and necessary protest against the attacks of the government and against the brutal individual violence against women, there must be an intensified struggle against patriarchy. An activist of the Red Women’s Committee Austria, said in a conversation to us: „Thousands of women have participated in the protests against the government in the last year, against the 12hours working day, against the EU-Alliance, … that shows that many women already today don‘t believe the lies of „weak“ and „unpolitical“ women. The pioneers of the proletarian women’s movement in Austria have also shown this: they have consciously also made the lead of the revolutionary struggle. This year marks the 100 anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party Austria. Above all, we must learn from the experiences of the proletarian women’s movement and use the 25th of November to better understand proletarian feminism, the revolutionary line in the women’s movement, and put it into practice. For only the revolutionary struggle will drive forward the emancipation of women and support the creation of a Communist Party. „
At the demonstration a leaflet of the Red Women’s Committees Austria was distributed, which can be read as text already online: Down with Patriarchy! Get organized in the Red Women’s Committees!
The numerous slogans that contributed to a combative mood at the demonstration and were shouted together by large parts of the demonstration, also demonstrated the need to fight against the fragmentation of the women’s movement in Austria. The fight against patriarchy and imperialism, as well emphasized in the above-mentioned leaflet, means not ‚cooking everyones own soup‘ regionally. Learning from each other’s experience and mistakes, bringing the struggles together and putting them on a common base, will make the development of a women’s movement in the service of the revolution even more powerful. „
Above all, the red women, who have already united on the basis of Proletarian Feminism, showed that there is already a force in the women’s movement in Austria that takes up this struggle. For all conscious feminists and red women, this demonstration should also be an occasion to take up even more the mobilization of women for the struggle not only for their daily demands, but also against patriarchy and imperialism. This year’s 25th of November should be a starting point to take on these tasks even more decisively in the upcoming actions and demonstrations and put them into practice.
We would like to record here two slogans, that have been distributed on the demo, for the upcoming struggles:
Against Imperialism and Patriarchy!
Proletarian Feminism for Communism!

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