Thursday, November 15, 2018

USA -Two Years Later: The State Cannot Break Fighters for Our Class

Two years ago, on November 13, 2016, Texas State Troopers attempted to kill Comrade Dallas during one of the protests following the election of the proto-fascist president Donald Trump. The agents of the state targeted the comrade for his inspiring leadership of the masses in the protest. The troopers honed in on him, and pinned him down to the ground, using a chokehold to crush the vertebrates in our comrade’s neck.
The comrade only avoided the possibility of permanent paralysis and possibly death because people in the crowd intervened to stop the attempted assassination, at great risk to themselves. But the comrade was still taken in to the state’s dungeons, and deliberately left without medical attention,
risking further permanent damage.
What kept this comrade going as he endured pain and faced potential death, and what keeps him going today, was his ideology, the all-powerful, Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, principally Maoism. This ideology will lead us to glorious heights where the jackboots of capitalists will no longer dehumanize us, and target us for extermination. This makes his suffering, and the suffering of all fighters for our class, worth it.
Even today, the state still tries to break Comrade Dallas, and hangs the possibility of years in prison over him with false charges. We must maintain solidarity, and continue to support him.
We always remember that the capitalist state will be ruthless and relentless in its attempts to exterminate fighters for our class, the proletariat. In the blink of an eye its agents will seize the chance to murder us, especially in the midst of street protests, which are precursors of the wars to come. The state’s agents are always trained to destroy us, even while liberals believe we are exercising our supposed right to assembly peacefully.
The state is never peaceful and is always at war with our class. We must recognize this reality, and begin to wage war against the capitalist-imperialist state. Like those who intervened to save the comrade from permanent paralysis, ripping him from the jaws of death, we must intervene to liberate our class from the yoke of imperialism. Imperialism will stop at nothing to crush our necks and dominate  the world. We must build up the United Front, the Red Army, and the Communist Party to crush imperialism, and ensure that it will whither away for all eternity.
We recognize November 13th as a day to commemorate the event which took place two years ago, as well as to honor the resistance to state repression which has only increased!

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