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COMMUNIST PARTY OF INDIA (MAOIST) Central Committee Press Release - about one day National strike on 22nd December.

Central Committee
Press Release
18 November, 2023

Protest from 16th-22nd December against the ongoing bombardment as part of anti-revolutionary
Surajkund policy in the Eastern Region especially in Bihar-Jharkhand movement areas. Conduct various
propaganda campaigns against the ongoing repression in Bihar-Jharkhand guerilla zones.
Make successful one day National strike on 22nd December.
In the name of Maoist-free Jharkhand, Jharkhand police force, Central Reserved Police Force (CRPF),
Jharkhand Jaguar Force are unitedly conducting myriad cycle of repression from August, 2022 till now on our party,
PLGA and leaders and activists of mass organizations especially in Bihar-Jharkhand and north Bihar and Eastern
Jharkhand special areas and tribal movement areas. Even the tribal masses are targets of this repression. Central
committee of CPI (Maoist) gives a call to the masses of the country, mass organizations, tribal organizations, Human
Rights organizations, progressive and democratic people to conduct propaganda campaigns from 16th December to
22nd December and observe a whole one day national strike on 22nd of December against the nefarious design of
anti-revolutionary Surajkund policy to eradicate the revolutionary movement and revolutionary masses.
One must remember that on October, 2022 under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and
guidance of Amit Shah a new anti-revolutionary and reactionary policy was adopted at Surajkund meeting in
Haryana. To turn India into an Hindu-Nation has been attached in the Surajkund policy by the Brahmanical Hindutva
Forces. The aim of this policy is to eliminate all the forces specially class struggles and people's war that are main
hurdles in the way of establishing Hindu-Nation. Modi's idea of Hindu-Nation is neither new India nor developed
India, in fact that is Brahmanical Hindutva Fascist India that needs to be resisted.
At present in the light of this fascist policy, central government and state governments are establishing
hundreds of new police, para-military camps, command centres and forward base camps in central and Eastern
special area, special zone regions. By deploying lakh of military forces and launching combing operations, police-
military forces are launching attacks on tribal villages, beating tribal people and looting and plunder their properties,
causing atrocities on women. Apart from all these, fake encounters, illegal arrests and murders are also inflicted on
the masses by the paramilitary forces. All these are nothing but enforced war and cruelty on tribal people by the
central and state governments.
From September 2022 till now in the border regions of Bihar-Jharkhand specially in Jharkhand movement
areas intensive cruelty has been enforced. In Jharkhand from last one and half decade in the name of anti-maoist
operation, 132 companies of CRPF has been deployed. Combining central paramilitary and state police forces, a total
of 85 thousand military forces are deployed in Jharkhand. From January 2020 till now, 48 new military camps has
been established in the region of Chaibasha , kunti- Ranchi border regions and in Buda pahar, Kolhan and Parasnath
regions in name of free Buda pahar, free Kolhan, and eradicating Maoist movement in Saranda and parashnath
areas. Only in Saranda 12 new police and other armed forces camps has been established. Through all these camps
a coordinated combing operations are conducted by the Jharkhand police, Jharkhand Jaguar Force, Cobra forces and
CRPF. During the combing operations several rounds of firings and bombardments are done by the Cobra and
Jharkhand Jaguar forces on any suspicious areas. Not only this, even many villages are bombarded all throughoutdays and nights by 51 MM and 81 MM mortar shells during the combing operations. New announcement has been
done to establish new military camps in kuida and Aarahasa of Guilkera police region.
During the combing operations, villages are attacked and tribal people are badly beaten by the security
forces. Many are illegally arrested and put behind the bars for long incarceration. In between January 2022 and
August 2023, around 762 people have been arrested. Among the arrested comrades, one 71 years old, CC and PB
member comrade Pramod Mishra, three comrades from Special Area committee, one member and one commander
from Zonal committee, Sub-Zona and Area commander and other comrades are involved. In this time in several
encounters with the police forces 20 comrades became martyred. In order to eliminate the leadership gruesome
attacks are been launched by the police forces.
State government of Jharkhand is following the line of the central government in violating individuals
fundamental rights that are enshrined in the Constitution. It has given order to special branch to investigate
Jharkhand People's Right Mass Meeting and 64 Democratic mass organizations. Among them 29 organizations are
from State's capital Ranchi. The government of Jharkhand has banned Revolutionary Peasant Committee, Women's
liberation organization, Jharkhand Forest Group, Jharkhand Cultural Organization and workers organization. It
violates the fundamental rights of individual and that has to be condemned.
By using Terroristic laws the government is terrorizing Human Rights actvists, leaders and actvists of mass
organizations. This makes clear that in the state from 2014, 599 Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA) cases has
come to surface. Out of that 426 were given notice and 21 cases were handed over to National Investigation Agency
(NIA). From August of this year, continuously there are NIA raids in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, Andhra Pradesh,
Telangana, on students, Human Rights activists leaders and activists of mass organizations, Farmers organizations,
writers, and cultural activists. Many of them are arrested. From all their houses, laptops, hard-drives, Mobile phones
and several other items were seized by NIA. It is necessary to protest this anti-democratic actions of the
We should understand it clearly that the meaning of " Maoist-Free Jharkhand" and "Developed Jharkhand" is
nothing but corporatization of Jharkhand. In the name of development, Hemant Soren of Jharkhand Mukti Morcha
party is marching shoulder to shoulder with the Hindutva Fascist BJP government at the center in forming suitable
ground for the loot of the natural resources of Jharkhand. For this purpose the State government is indiscriminately
spending the people's money. The plundering of natural resources of the state like coal, iron-ore and several other
essential minerals by Imperialist forces in alliance with the state government is propagated as development by the
state. Central Home Minister Amit Shah has stated in the month of October that in the coming two years Maoist
party will be eradicated. Again in November he stated that it will be in the coming 5 years. It is important to bring in
front of the people that the real intention of the government is to sell the natural resources in the tribal areas to
Imperialist and corporate classes. Through this intention, the represion in Jharkhand is continuing with high
intensity. In the forest areas of Munger, Lakhisaraye and in Jamui districts along with kuiya, Chota Kuiya, Maradiri,
Hatiburu,Tiyaelbera and in many other places joint search operations are going on from 10th October. Weapons like
motors and RPG are extensively been used. On 28th October in Kolhan and Saranda forest border region in Rowam
camp of West Singhbhum, there was an anti-naxal operation meetings of top police officials. From 10th November in
East Singhbhum region of Juriya Bahada, Labiya Boipai, Bahada, kudlibad, Koliyabura, Titlighat, Usruiya, Hamanburu,
Pongal, Baliba, Tirilposi, Nayagao, Jharkhand Gaon, police joint operations have intensified.
During repression campaigns the government through the help of NIA is conducting illegitimate search and
arrest operations. This is denying the basic rights of the human rights activists and mass organizations. They are
being threatened. Former student of Benaras Hindu University Rohit Kumar who is raising his voice for Land-water
and Forest has been arrested.
Through putting brave fight and giving immense sacrifices against the severe repression Party, PLGA and
United Fronts and people are keeping the revolutionary struggles alive. People are revolting in large number against
the illegal arrests, beatings and house raids by the security forces. Through mass rallies, mass meetings anddemonstration people are registering their protests. Burning down the police stations and scuffling with the police
forces are continuing from last two years. In the leadership of Party, PLGA with immense and supreme sacrifices is
giving tough fight to the joint security forces. And under the leadership of Party, with the participation of people,
and with the unity of people's war and mass movements, PLGA will give a fitting reply to ongoing repression.
Central committee urges all democratic and mass organizations to raise their voice against the ongoing
Fascist repression in Bihar-Jharkhand region by the Brahmanical hindutva forces and state governments.
Central committee also gives a call that from 16th to 22nd December, 2023 to conduct one week anti-
repression campaigns and propaganda across the country.In movements areas and other parts of the country all
possible forms of campaigns in legal or semi-legal manners, wall writings, posters, pamphlets to organize against the
repression. It also gives calls to burn the effigies of Modi and Shah. Make one day National strike successful. Help to
develop the revolutionary movement and became part of it.
[Note: During the strike ambulances and the supply of all essential goods will remain unaffected.]

Central Committee

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