Sunday, June 26, 2016

Declaration of PCm Italy - it needs unity and struggle about international joint declarations

The Maoist Communist Party of Italy has signed the important Joint Declaration of May 1st 2016, as well as continues to sign joint statements with other MLM organizations and parties belonging to the same area and array - see the last declaration for the 30th anniversary of 19th June.
Our subscription is first and foremost an ideological, theoretical, political alignment in the MLM international communist movement, aimed to unite parties and organizations in the work and the objective of a joint international Conference to give life to a new international Maoist center.
And at the same time it is a political sign of a historical and strategic claim of some important stages of the MLM international communist movement after Mao’s death and the end of the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution, to define and delimit the field of the revolution from the field of revisionism, and right as of 'left' opportunism.

This absolutely does not mean that we share all the statements of principle, all the analysis and the political positions contained in the declarations and joint documents we sign.

Indeed, on the contrary, we disagree, and sometimes even radically, with some statements contained in these documents.

But we consider this a "contradiction among the people" and from now on, we will use all international meetings and international publications to develop a detailed and open critique to the positions contained in this documents, based on MLM and its application to today’s reality, within the unitary movement in which we move.
Some dogmatic-revisionist and politically idiotic group consider this our clear and explicit position and consistent battle as "centrism".
The present and the future of this battle proves right the opposite, namely that the path is tortuous but the way is a winning one.
This is the only ideological, theoretical and political attitude that merits the MLM appellative and is the only one that will lead to victory and the reaching of historical objective of the Joint International Conference, of a new MLM Joint International Declaration and new Maoist Center in the world, after the collapse of the Rim, as a second step on the road of the Communist International.

June 2016

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