Thursday, June 30, 2016

India – PCI (Maoist) documents arrive! talk meeting in Italy 28th august bergamo

dear comrades
ICSPWI receives a large number of indian documents and we examine them for
the analisis of Indian situation and the up-to-date international line of the support
3 tasks now
1- actions against green hunt, repression on people and universities and students mouvement, murders in the fake encounters – freedom for political presoners and particularly for leaders of the Indian revolution
2 – actions for inform about Indian political and economic situation, Indian regime’s role in international context crisis, war,  and the developpement of people’s war India, Party’s situation, antifascist and antimperialist front
3 – preparation of an Indian democratic tour in europe for the autunm
about this
we organise a talk meeting in Italy 28th august bergamo
all forces of support can send propositions for activities
international greetings
june 2016

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