Thursday, June 30, 2016

Maoist Communist Party Manipur. Declaration

India confronted a big humiliation in the eyes of whole world. India blames on neighboring countries including Pakistan and China to cover up its fault. India never accepts and confesses its own fouls and blunders and always endeavors to hide the fouls and blunders and tries to blame on the neighboring countries to cover up them. India is always deceitful and equivocal in remarks to conceal the realities for the mistakes they have been making so far. India's efforts to suppress and deceive the World as it has been exercising to the states of South East Asia continents like Manipur, Assam, Nepal etc. has been a failure now. Their effort to keep a special niche in the Nuclear Supplier Group (NSG) has been in vain. In fact, the Non Proliferation Treaty which is known as NPT in short is an issue, because for entry the NSG has criteria for members most noticeably the NPT, it is a must, of which India hasn't, be a signatory yet. India knows it well, yet as a result of having challenged to the world with its arrogant vanity it has gained a great sulky humiliation on itself before the World at large. As an effort to conceal the realities of its flow, India tries to blame on China or Pakistan on why India cannot be successful its membership bid at the NSG. The Indian national Medias are expressing that India has failed to get entry into the NSG because China is a hurdle to the issue, without revealing and considering the fact that without being a signatory of NPT India can't gain entry in the NSG. Such an attitude and perception of Indian National Medias discloses their real identity in a crystal clear of being biasness, discrimination and oppositional defiant disorder. In a short response to the blame made to China by India, China decries blocking India's membership bid at the NSG, repeatedly asserting that India's case did not come up specifically as the question of its signature to the NPT needs to be resolved first. This is not a rule set by China, this is a rule set by the NSG and reaffirmed by the International community. Off course, It is not China that rejects India's membership bid at the NSG, it's not because of any personal reflection or interest of China but the technical failure of India. NPT is a precondition among the broad consensus on the criteria for NSG membership. Although India blames on China so far and so much China never considers India at the level of a competent enmity because India is too premature to match with China. To who China is competing in every aspects and fields, is the USA at which the world has been watching closely, strictly without a wink. India is only a true domestic prop of the USA representing the South Asian countries. It is a huge shame for India in front of the whole world to utter immature statement and remarks as made by some Indian leaders as if China is a stumbling block for India to become a member of NSG and as if China is jealously afraid of India's fast growing development.
Within the Indian administration and governance, the Indian bourgeoisies have been oppressing, suppressing and riding the states in the South Asian sub-continent, like Manipur, Assam, Kashmir, Nepal and even in India itself, like Adhivasis, Dalits and Muslim minorities etc. at their own whims. Likewise their wish of working out their narrow minded possibility of impossibility to treat the same to the word has been a big embarrassment and failure. Such failure is a big part of India's mutilating structure of a huge hue and cry of its big hope and ambition.
The people of Manipur is extending an unlimited thanksgiving to China that had rejected India's membership bid at NSG. Those other countries that had blocked and rejected India in this regard on the ground that India is unreasonable to be so were Ireland, Turkey, Brazil, Austria and New-Zealand, and their responsive acts are highly respected. India couldn't have been a member of NSG due to lack of prerequisite condition of NPT signatory. India cannot fulfill the prerequisite condition on being a signatory of NPT. Therefore, what India blames on China or Pakistan is illogical and unreasonable. China's stand and step is genuine to reject India's membership bid at NSG and what China urges is that everything should be resolved by the international community under its laws, rules and regulations.
On the other hand, India has always been a tongue twister and ambiguous. Maximum level of oppression, torture and suppression has been taken place and carried on still in the states of Manipur, Assam and Kashmir under the draconian act, AFSPA(1958) in where India has been colonizing and exercising imperialism. But India is expressing paradoxically to the world that there is no such inhumane acts and human violation prevalent in India. The Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi claims that India has a good relationship with his neighboring countries. In this regard what he expressed to various countries of the world wherever he had visited around the world including White House of the USA, has been only a propaganda but not the reality. It was proudly exposed that India was the first country which had provided its contribution (mutual help or aids) to Nepal during Nepal's recent earthquake. Ironically it can be noted that India was the first country (it can be the first of this kind in the world till today) that was denied its mutual help and driven out of the victimized country with undesirable loud cries by the earthquake affected people. In reality, India has no any good relationship with any one of its neighboring countries because of its endless and arrogant efforts of domination and suppression over its neighboring countries. Even Myanmar is often insulted with India's foul propaganda of which Indian Army often enters Myanmar for intrusion crossing the boundaries. Still, the PM of India spreads its fake and foul propaganda of having good relationship with his neighboring countries. Such cheap cheats and deceptions cannot be believed by the world populace.
With a close consideration on the changing scenario of the present Political scenario of the world at large, it is quite true and compulsive to wage war against the colonial Indian imperialism for the people of Manipur to uproot and eliminate the colonial outdated regime of India. It's an earnest appeal to the people of Manipur to heed on that each and every changing condition of the world and in every changing condition of Political situation: only the poor, the workers, and the peasants have been key roles to victory any revolution of the world in every history of the world.
Publish by,
Maoist Communist Party Manipur.

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