Friday, September 30, 2011

15 october in paris with the maoists 'fron arab revolts to revolution'


An important meeting for 15 october in Paris
'from arab revolts to revolution'
proposed by PCm Italy and PCm France
with invitation and partecipation of differents parties and organisations from Tunisia, Marocco, Spagna, Peru, Turky etc.
This is the first open discussion and reflection about the most important evenement in the world in the last months.
What appened, what is today situation, what support to arab people in the various countries for advancing in the struggle,
what are positions in antimperialist camp, why it needs to support maoists, maoist and maoist  road in tunisia, Maroc and all countries in the area.
These are items of the meeting, it is good also send messages and texts.

We await for...
PCm Italy

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