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On the Declaration if the Internationalist Proletarian Committee of the Spanish State from PCm Italy

On the Declaration if the Internationalist Proletarian Committee of the Spanish State

As regards the new " Internationalist Proletarian Committee ", that was born in Spain, is different thing from the International Committee in Support for the PW in India. This has ideological and political position and a composition that should be examined and criticized but, as we are concerned, there is no opposition between the International Committee and other committees that can be mobilized in the field of internationalism.
However, the existence of this other committee, is a serious political and organizational question for the activity to support the PW in India in Spain.
Let's see what this committee wrote in its Declaration.
A premise: if groups get together and write a paper on their views about the general situation of the IMC and in India, it is legitimate and there is no objection. But if the paper is primarily focused on the support for the PW in India and the CPI (Maoist), we have to note that it is signed by non MLM organizations, like Communist Reconstruction and Communist of Castile 'Red Flag', and by an organization like the MAI, that considers Maoism outdated. Also equal dignity is given to communist organizations and " communists individuals". This makes this Committee very confused and eclectic. You can not raise up the revolutionary banner of the support for the PW in India and the CPI (Maoist) in this way. You can not use the CPI (Maoist) and the GP in India to present your own views as the positions of the CPI (Maoist) and the PW.
This committee in its declaration writes its description and desires about the PW in India and the CPI (Maoist), but it does not represent then with their actual and concrete positions.
It is unfair to say that the committee aims: "to promote an activity of continuity, support ... for the revolutionary process in India" and then to not take into account the actual positions and the current political context in which this support develops, according to the positions and evaluations of the CPI (Maoist) itself.
The goal of the Indian revolution, as stated by the CPI (Maoist), is the New Democratic Revolution in India's marching towards socialism. It is significant that this goal of the CPI (Maoist) is never mentioned in this text.
It is definitely true that the importance of the PW in India today is immense, and that the influence on the world of its progress is important to change the balance of power and develop the tendency to the revolution, but to say that "the triumph of the revolution in India will create the adequate conditions for the work of the international proletarian vanguard around subjective conditions to create a more solid base to begin the world proletarian revolution in each country " is subjectivism and it covers, behind the exaltation of Indian revolution, a position of opportunism and expectation regarding the tasks of the proletarian vanguard in each countries.
It should also be noted that the CPI (M) has never supported this position in the Indian revolution. Therefore, this is the position of the signers the Declaration and it does not reflect the ideological and political positions of the CPI (Maoist).
It is true that the CPI (Maoist) and the PW represent now a reference point for the Maoists, the revolutionaries and the proletarians in the world, but to speak about the CPI (M) as "a beacon in the world" is one of those a apologies who tries to prove that who wrote this can not be more red, instead of representing the actual role played in the world by the CPI (M) to establish Maoism as an application to the concrete reality and translation of this in the PW, and to establish the PW as a way to the victory for the people, especially in countries oppressed by imperialism.
To assert that "the support the PW in India implies the condemnation of each type of opportunism and revisionism" is to tell the truth, but turning it into an absurd. It is clear that those who do not support the PW in India have opportunist and centrist positions between imperialism and revolution, but in no way, even the CPI (Maoist) has never claimed that this support implies a delimitation not only regarding the PW, but on all questions of the proletarian revolution, yesterday, today and tomorrow.
If the authors of this text were right, then the field of the support for the Indian revolution and the CPI (M) should be limited to those MLM parties and organizations that fully share the position of the CPI (M).
But the authors of the Declaration do not apply even to themselves this criterion, since among the signatories are organizations that are not Maoists, Maoist organizations considering Maoism outdated and generic "communist individuals".
In the Declaration the description of the status of the PW in India and the CPI (M) does not match what the CPI (M) and the PW in India say about themselves. The current phase of the PW is synthesized by the phrase contained by the joint statement of the May Day, that we took integrally form the Indian comrades, "the PW successfully withstands unprecedented attacks from the enemy and is able to expand and advance". It is quite is different form saying, as the Declaration of IPC does: " great successes ".
This exaggerated, self-satisfied, language is foreign to the usual method and to the line of CPI (M), that even in this is seriously a MLM party.
Clearly, the PW in India in its development, in the fight against the old order is trying to build new organs of power, but if you read even superficially documents of the CPI (M) you see the real content of this power, and also in which ways it exists - for instance, these are certainly different from those in Peru and in Nepal, during the 10 years of PW.
Other paragraphs of the Declaration of IPC define the positions of its subscribers on various issues of the class struggle, but the attempt to give substance to these positions using the positions of the CPI (M) is a completely instrumental artifact, typical of groups and organizations that can not prove their positions with their revolutionary theory and practice and try to give themselves a "tone", ascribing them to the CPI (M).
To give an example of this, it is enough to see the problem of the peace agreements and negotiations.
It is true that the CPI (M) criticizes the line and practice for the peace talks and agreement applied by the CPN-U (m), but not on the basis of statements of principles or absolute imperatives. For example, CPI (M) has also submitted proposals for an agreement and negotiations to the Government of India, that so far rejected and responded to them with the “Operation Green Hunt” and targeted assassinations, including the murder of Comrade Azad.
The way these things are presented in the Declaration of the IPC is the classic style of the childish extremists (no compromise, etc..) who received final words of fire from Lenin.
La forma en que se presentan estas cosas en la Declaración de la CIP es el estilo clásico del extremismo infantil (ningún compromiso, etc.) al que Lenin dedicó las palabras de fuego y definitivas.
So, to ascribe to CPI (M), not the sharp criticism of the capitulation line of the leadership of the CPN-U (m) but rather a programmatic position of principle, is a real manipulation of the PW in India and the CPI (M) aimed to the self-promoting.

The PCI(M) has signed the joint statement of the May Day. The CPI (M) developed its criticism to the CPN-U (m) always striving to push the Communists and Maoists in Nepal first to change, today to overturn the current line of leadership of their party.
The text continues along the lines of the "leftists" criticized by Lenin, and not that of CPI (Maoist).
The PW in India and the CPI (M) have emerged in the scene of India and the world through the PW, the revolutionary armed struggle expression of the correct principle of "revolutionary violence". However, the CPI (Maoist) and all the genuine MLM refuse a purely militaristic picture, that usually is in fashion in some circles of international support and tends to reduce the conflict with the government of India into a pure military confrontation.
This picture is widely used by the government of India in their total war campaigns, mass murders and genocide of the masses of India. The CPI (M) in the PW it leads develop a wide range of social and political activities, treats with a lot of tactical flexibility and sensitivity all the issues of conditions of the peoples of India and that is why the war led by this Party gains attention and support in Indian society and in many parts of the world. If the PW in India was the schematic cartoon designed by the subscribers this statement, the activity of prominent personality, for example Roy Arundaty, would not be a strong ring of the progress of the PW.
It is the CPI (Maoist) and its line that leads to the existence of a committee as ICAPWI, to counter the "Operation Green Hunt” and struggle against the campaign of imperialism and the Government of India at the international level, as well as to the formation of an International Committee to support the GP in India that has the merit of making known the PW in all its aspects, the views of the CPI (M) that leads it, and works to rally the Communists and the revolutionary anti- imperialists forces in support of this war. If done well, this activity raises and strengthens Maoism and revolution as mainstream.
Surely, the advance of the revolution in India shows that the masses led by a MLM Communist Party in a PW applied to the concrete may be the winning weapon of the people, rather than the struggles of oppressed peoples in other parts of the world that even opposing a heroic resistance and armed struggle can not get rid of the direction and programs of forces that do not fight for a true social and political liberation of peoples oppressed by imperialism.
Therefore, it is important to support the PW in India. However, this can become a heritage for the masses only if it does not arise and propagandize a dogmatic extremist cartoon of the CPI (M) and the PW.

PC m Italy
september 2011

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