Friday, September 9, 2011

Canada - Call for an Anti-Imperialist demo on September 11th

Facing the crisis, war and terror...
means fighting imperialism!
For people's struggle and international solidarity!

Call by the Revolutionary Communist Party to organize a common demonstration on September 11, 2011

*** (Declaration to discuss and sign) ***

The first organizational meeting will be held on Wednesday, August 10 in the evening; contact us if you plan to attend, so we could find a suitable place.

We are trying through this appeal to reach all groups, collectives and individuals who see the need to fight imperialism to join us in the organization of this event. We want an active participation in organizational meetings, and a strong political and activists presence at the event. The form of imperialism –—especially U.S. Imperialism— for at least ten years now, is central to most of our concerns and struggles —the rights of refugees and immigrant people, wars of aggression, control of territories by the army, pollution and dangerous weapons, rape and sexual assault, the increasing number of prisons and the augmentation of torture, domination of capitalism on people, bourgeois dominant media discourse, and, unfortunately, many other concerns. These ten years meant not only for most of us, but also for a huge part of the world, ten years of struggle and fight against injustice. Thus, we invite all those interested, as a group or on their own behalf, to get involved in this event against imperialism, to relay information around them and to produce their own material, to bring their claims, and especially to come work with us during the organizational meetings. Denouncing imperialism is a political act, and in this sense, we invite you to take part in this protest and to sign this declaration.

Ten years ago, on September 11th 2001, attacks occurred against the twin towers of the World Trade Center. That day, the world rocked. While the victims of the attacks would join the other millions of direct and indirect victims of the policies and actions of U.S. imperialism, the future was in preparation, under the auspices of the war against terrorism would turn out to really be a full-scale war against the dominated nations of the world because imperialism is domination and the drive to war.

The United States were the forerunners in the "war against terrorism" well before September 11. Assuming the right to intervene and attack anywhere, the US imperialist interests were threatened. Today, many imperialist countries, including Canada, have largely relayed that politics (think of what is happening now in Libya) giving themselves the same privileges to act as they see fit, the targets being determined according to the needs of Capitalism to ensure that globally, stability and the imperialist world order reign again, of course, with the support of dictatorships submitted to the imperialist powers.

* * *

Every day since then, new measures have been taken by the governments of the various ruling classes. At the national level, draconian laws and criminalization of dissent particularly against immigrants and everywhere else wars of aggression and military intervention. In this sense, the aftermath of September 11 illustrates the contradictions in the world: contradiction between world imperialism led by the United States against the oppressed peoples and nations. But also, contradiction between capital and the working class in the imperialist countries, of whom many come from the same dominated countries. It is necessary at this conjuncture to strive for unity and struggle, here and now against our common enemies.

Indeed, the past decade was also a decade of worsening poverty and exploitation around the world. Under the name of globalization, the proletariat and the masses have seen their living conditions deteriorated. The global economic crisis gripping the capitalism since 2008 has accentuated misery and exploitation as a catalyst for the revolt from Algeria to Greece.

While wars ad up and poverty continues to grow, we appeal to the Canadian proletariat, the anti-imperialist activists, youth, women, immigrants to block and deal with the crusade of the imperialist countries to impose a new world order. This struggle must be developed here with the various forces that wish to sincerely to fight against imperialism without falling into hardly defensible positions. With one voice, let's condemn imperialism!

* * *

We must take the side of the resistance of the peoples of the world and take the path of social change, of revolution. Despite its shortcomings, despite its contradictions, the resistance that the people oppose to the most dominant imperialism shows every day the way forward.

Around the world, proletariat, peasants, oppressed people, immigrants, the popular masses learn to fight back and win victories. In the Philippines, India, Mexico, Greece, Palestine, where more than 63 years since the occupation, the Palestinian people still resist.

More than ever these famous word "proletarians and oppressed peoples of the world, unite!" turn out to be valid. It will be even more when we take the street to show that fighting the war, crisis and terror is to fight imperialism!

We recognize the unconditional right to self determination of peoples.

We demand the abandonment of all Canadian economic interests abroad and the withdrawal of all military forces.

Against the crisis measures we put forward the right for each person to have worthy living conditions and a social life in accordance with it and we demand absolute equality of all the political and civil rights for all the migrant workers.

The first organizational meeting will be held on Wednesday, August 10 in the evening, contact us if you plan to attend, so we could find a suitable place

Anti-imperialist demo to mark the 10th anniversary of the 09/11 attacks

Sunday, September 11 at 2 p.m.
Gathering at Square Cabot (Atwater metro station)

Imperialism is war, crisis and terror:
let's take the street!

For more info: mer (at)

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