Sunday, September 18, 2011

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dear comrades

maoist road is the arm for  information,formation,debate,struggle in and out Revolutionary International Mouvement in the march toward a new International Conference for rebuilding international organisation of parties and organisations marxist-leninist-maoist in the world
maoist road supports May First 2011 declaration
maoist road struggles against opportunism and revisionism in our mouvement principally represented by Avakian's new sintesys and revisionist leadership of PCU Nepal -maoist
maoist road affirms that in the struggle against opportunism and revisionism , it needs liberate our mouvement, in and out RIM, by leftist attitude,method,line that want to liquidate RIM experience and war'peoples in the world
maoist road support war''s people in Peru, PCP Central Commitee, MPP Solrojo
maoist road support building maoist parties in the imperialist countries , as Italy, Franch, Canada etc and support youth revolts in England, French, Europe,..
maoist road support international commitee support wa'r's people in India and PCIm leadership
maoist road supports left maoist tendency in Nepal in and out PCUN maoist against revisionism and new governement Battarai for to continue nepalese revolution until new democracy repubblic and socialist revolution
maoist road supports internationalist meeting in Paris 15-16 october for supporting arab revolts,  arab maoist forces for new democracy revolution and socialism,communism.

maoist road
18 september 2011

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