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€ ¦’·Release€ ¦’·
On November 8, 2006 was confirmed the signing of a peace agreement between the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) - CPN (M) - and the interim government of Nepal.
Until this, a People's War of ten years led by the said party had managed to corner the centuries-old monarchy in the country and its reactionary army in the capital Kathmandu, forcing the king to
leave the control of the government directly into the hands of the ruling classes, the bourgeoisie and the landowners.
But against all odds, the leaders of the CPN (M) decided to stop the people's war, and to abandon the programmatic project of destruction of the old reactionary state with the revolutionary violence of the masses, and the construction of a State of New Democracy, as a form of dictatorship of the proletariat in a semi-feudal and semi-colonial country.
Instead of this, the leaders of the CPN (M) undertook to negotiate, with the reactionary political parties of the exploiting classes and the reformist parties of the petty bourgeoisie, their participation in the old reactionary state to "remodel" it, engaging in the peace agreement to dismantle
the bases of popular power, to disarm the people, to keep the People's Liberation Army - PLA- weapons locked in UN containers, to merge their soldiers in the reactionary army (the same royal army that was about to surrender), to form a new parliament, an interim government where the Maoists leaders have seats in some ministries and to convene a Constituent Assembly.
An abominable felony that the leaders of the CPN (M) presented under the name "theory of
tactics for the revolution in the 21st century", for which they received applause from all the reactionaries in Nepal and the imperialist bourgeoisie, supported by the international opportunism
praising it as a sign of sanity and wisdom of the "Maoists", with the tacit support of the silence of the defunct Revolutionary Internationalist Movement - RIM and open support of some of its
parties for whom it was an "example of tactical flexibility" and a "development of Marxism" to the
conditions of the new century, reaching the ridiculous argument of a leader of the Revolutionary Communist Group of Colombia who at a public event organized by Revoluci€ ¦ón Obrera, justified the Peace Agreement as a "big ploy to fool the reactionary and the imperialists ".
Meanwhile, marxist leninist maoist parties and organizations from different countries immediately denounced the betrayal of the CPN (M), as did the comrade Azad, Spokesperson of the Communist Party of India (Maoist), who later was foully murdered, because his ideas and practice were completely opposed to the surrender of Nepal's Maoist leaders, as publicly stated by on November 13 2006: "A new Nepal can only emerge by defeating the reactionary state. The deposit of PLA weapons under UN supervision lead to the disarming of the masses." € ¦’³Nothing is more dreadful to imperialism and the reactionaries than armed masses and hence they would gladly enter into any agreement to disarm them€ ¦’´, "The agreement of the Maoists to be part of the interim government of Nepal can not transform the reactionary character of the state machinery that serves for the exploitation by the ruling classes and imperialism." "A fundamental principle of Marxism is that it can not have basic changes in the social system without demolishing the machinery of state. "

So, the Executive Committee of the Communist Workers' Union (MLM) publicly called on the 14th
November to "Struggle against the Traitor Opportunism in the leadership of the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist)". € ¦’³The decision of the party leadership to sign a peace agreement with the commitment to lay down their arms and participate in the bourgeois government and a Constituent Assembly is a clear betrayal of the people and the international proletariat. Giving up to destroy the reactionary state with the People's War is a prostration before the might of the bourgeoisie and the worst manifestation of distrust of the power emanating from the armed and organized masses. We reject categorically the decision of the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) to depose weapons and renounce the path of People's War."
Indeed, signing the Agreement of TREASON in Nepal, their leaders unanimously dedicate themselves to be political fiddler with the bourgeoisie and their opportunistic counterparts, especially with the charge of the Prime Minister, who since then have rotated between Koirala (the bourgeois Congress Party), Prachanda (of the revisionist CPN (M)) who resigned after 8 months unable to remove the military commander of the Army, Khanal (of the opportunist petty-bourgeois party UML) and now Bhattarai (again of the revisionist UCPN (M) ) who was lastly elected
by the Constituent Assembly in August.
Thus, Prachanda and Bhattarai, yesterday's chief of the people's war, have with the backing of their party become Prime Minister, to lead the reactionary state, the execution of the
dictatorship of the exploiting classes on the people. It is the continuation of the betrayal and its
direct aid to reactionary state, through the practice of ministeryalism, already denounced at the time of the Second International in the late nineteenth century, but which is still blatantly hailed by "maoists" parties who see it as "steps of progress of the revolution in Nepal."
The current program UCPN (M) is a bourgeois and reactionary program of completing the peace process and agree the new constitution, defended both by the Prachanda-Bhattarai and the Kiran-Badal-Gaurav-Basanta blocks, this last block being presented by some maoist parties as the revolutionary line of the UCPN (M), of which is denied its revisionist character, when in reality the differences between these two blocks are only on the form of the accomplishment the betrayal agreed in the Agreements of 2006: while the firsts added to the treachery the symbolic handover of the keys of the containers with the weapons of the PLA to a special committee for the integration in the army, the seconds requires "the worthy integration of the PLA [to the reactionary army] ... with weapons and in group ... the spirit of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement" .
That is a difference entirely secondary and especially stupid, because in fact already been seized weapons from the hands of the people with the November 2006 agreement that placed them under UN supervision!
Execrable betrayal consumated five years ago!, but that the RIM since, and most of their parties since then, endeavored to deny, to evade and to keep silence about! in a conciliation with the revisionism that the world proletariat will never forgive, and now, some voices emit surprise, anger and condemnation about the new outrages of the CPNU (M), and again implore, as what happened with Prachanda in 2006, in a waiting measure centrist of "no rush" in the confrontation with the equally treacherous block of Kiran.
The official theoretical basis of the UCPN (M) is not Marxism Leninism Maoism, but revisionism!
The official political line UCPN of the (M) is not the violent destruction of the reactionary state, but its defense, its "remodeling" and ultimately, submission to the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie!

The simple denunciation of the Prachanda-Bhattarai clique is not sufficient for the demarcation between Marxism and revisionism, it is essential to recognize the revisionist and traitor nature of the UCPN (M) and give up the pretense of promoting centrist unity of the MLM with this party!

A true revolutionary line in Nepal is obliged to break with the revisionist line of the UCPN (M), to denounce his treason committed with the peace agreement of 2006, and to raise again the flags of the struggle to death against the bourgeoisie, the landowners, the imperialists and all reactionaries!

We are fully confident that the honest and firm Communists of Nepal, armed with Maoist Marxism-Leninism, find again in the workers and peasants the social base of the revolution that will overthrow with the weapons, shatter and sweep away the reactionary state that oppresses the people to ensure the privileges of the exploiters, a state which today is headed by the "maoist" Bhattarai in the office of Prime Minister.
Periodista Vocero de Revoluci€ ¦ón Obrera
Colombia, 13th September 2011

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