Saturday, September 24, 2011

International meeting in Paris, 15 October

Dear Comrades
Proposed by the Maoist Communist Party of Italy, Maoist Communist Party of France abd with collaboration of supporters of MKP France and with the interventions of the Maoist Movement of Tunisia and Maoist Morrocan Comrades, also all organisations and antimperialist commitees in France and other european countries, and with invitation of organisations and parties of the oppressed countries that have possibility to participate, we are organising a meeting in Paris 15-16 October.

'From Arab revolts to New Democratic Revolution and the march to socialism
and communism'.

It is the first public and open reflection of the Maoist forces on the revolt situations and the task of supporting, particularly support for Maoists in the Arab world, in the context of the general support to all antimperialists forces and peoples in struggle in arab world.

contact for information and participation: Italy France

Chers camarades
pour proposition du PCm Italie, PCm France avec la collaboration des simpatisants du MKP France, con la demande d'intervention des camarades du Mouvement maoiste de Tunisie, des camarades maoistes marocaines et de tous les organisations et comitès antimperialistes en France et dans les differents pays europeens, avec invitations des organisations et partis des pays opprimèes du monde arabe, palestiniens en tete, qui ont la possibilitè y parteciper;
il va s'organiser un Meeting in Paris France pour le 15 et 16 octobre:
' des revoltes arabes à la revolution de nouvelle democracie en marche envers le socialisme et le comunisme'
C'est la premier reflexion publique et ouverte des maoistes sur la situation des revoltes et des efforts de les soupporter, en soupportant en particulier, les maoistes dans le monde arabe, dans le quadre du soutien generale des forces antimperialistes et des peuples en lutte dans le monde arabe.
Pour informations, adhesions et partecipations italie france

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