Monday, September 19, 2011

questions for Maoistroad ...

I love the idea behind the Maoist rejuvenation of Revolutionary International Movement. However, I have a few questions I would like these enthusiastic Maoists to answer. -សតិ​វ អតុ

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Dear comrades

Maoist road is the arm for information, formation, debate, struggle in and out of the Revolutionary International Movement (RIM) in the march toward a new International Conference for rebuilding the international organisation of parties and organisations marxist-leninist-maoist's in the world.

Maoist Road supports the May First 2011 declaration

Maoist Road struggles against opportunism and revisionism in our movement, principally represented by Avakian's new sintesys and revisionist leadership of Unified Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist).

Are there any Maoist movements worth supporting in the USA and who are they?

Maoist Road affirms that in the struggle against opportunism and revisionism, it needs to liberate our movement, in and out RIM, by leftist attitude, method, line that wants to liquidate RIM experience and People’s War the world.

Maoist Road supports people war in Peru, PCP Central Committee, MPP Solrojo.
OK, on this issue clarify a few points.

 Is Abimeal Guzmán seriously leading the PCP or is the Guerrilla work being done by someone else? I don’t live there so please enlighten me.
Maoist Road supports building Maoist parties in the imperialist countries as Italy, France, Canada etc and supports the youth revolts in England, France, Europe,….

So we already know there are at least two Maoist groups in Italy, and at least one in those other countries. How do you assess their influence on the RIM?

Maoist Road supports the international committee supporting people’s war in India and Communist Party of India (Maoist)leadership.

Fine, but I’d like to know what their relationship is to the Nazilbari group and such Maoists as…..

Maoist Road supports left Maoist tendency in Nepal in and out of the Unified Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) against revisionism and new government of Battarai to continue the Nepalese Revolution until new democracy, republic and socialist revolution.

Most Maoists do. However, how do we respond to a faction that has come so close to victory. Is it just a case of one faction fizzling out or is there more to that?
Maoist Road supports the internationalist meeting in Paris 15-16 October to support Arab revolts, Arab Maoist forces for new democratic revolution and socialism,communism.

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