Friday, September 9, 2011

Nepal - Joint Press Statement by Comrade Kiran and Comrade Badal

Joint Press Statement by Comrade Kiran and Comrade Badal

"Let us oppose the decision of giving in the keys!
Let us implement the decision of dignified army integration!"

The sudden step taken at 5 PM on September 1 to hand over containers' keys of the cantonments to the special committee under the Council of Ministers is against the Comprehensive Peace Agreement, Interim Constitution and the decisions taken by party central committee and standing committee meetings. We, therefore, strongly demand the concerned ones to repeal this decision immediately

So far as the task of peace process is concerned, we are committed to accomplishing the part that falls under our party’s responsibility. Army integration is one of the important aspects of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA). In order to perform this task, party's central committee and standing committee have adopted a policy of integrating the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) accompanied by weapons and in groups even if a mixed structure is to be created and of developing this structure in the form of armed force. The issue relating to its chain of command is also under discussion. Party decision is clear that task of integration and regrouping for rehabilitation should be carried on only after the modality of integration has been settled. The handing over of the containers' keys is a step under the concept of disarming PLA. Both the CPA and Interim Constitution have clearly stated about ‘Army Integration’. Nowhere in the CPA and the Interim Constitution has been stated the concept of individual recruitment of PLA members as civilian after disarming them. The step of handing over the keys of containers is a process to disarm PLA members. We cannot agree with this on theoretical ground

In this connection, party chairman had put forth a proposal of handing over keys in the standing committee meeting held a few days ago. That proposal was thoroughly discussed in the standing committee meeting and was unanimously rejected when it reached to a conclusion that such a proposal was against the principle and spirit of the Interim Constitution and the Comprehensive Peace Agreement. After that by removing the words and phrases that said about handing over of the keys the amended proposal was adopted. But the way the proposal of handing over of the keys the standing committee had rejected was implemented through the special committee under the government is against minimum political honesty and is a serious violation of morality. Also in the process of taking decision, not only did not comrade Chairman consult with the office bearers of the party but also did not inform even general secretary comrade Badal, the in-charge of Security Department of the party. Thus, the decision has been taken in a mysterious way by calling some commanders from the cantonment

In addition to this, the step of disarming the PLA members is not only against the comprehensive Peace Agreement, Interim Constitution and party decision, the question of disarming the patriotic force, the PLA, is an indication of national capitulation when looked at from the perspective of national independence

We, therefore, humbly call upon the government and party chairman to implement the process of dignified army integration by withdrawing the decision of giving in the containers' keys

In this connection, we, expressing our heartfelt gratitude to the patriotic and revolutionary people of Nepal who demonstrated today their solidarity with us by taking part in the wheel-jam in the streets and torch rallies called against the decision of surrendering keys, appeal the distinguished people to carry on the solidarity to a newer height. In connection with the protest in Biratangar, more than 25 comrades including Kochila State Committee member and Morang district co-incharge Comrade Hem Karki, Comrade Saugat, Comrade Sundas and Morang district secretary of the party Comrade Kushal and comrade Mahabir and comrade Lochan have been arrested. Similarly, in Nuwakot, five comrades including comrade Laxmi Mudwari sustained injuries in a police baton charge in connection with torch rally. We, condemning this kind of suppression and arrest perpetrated by the government, demand immediate release of all the arrested comrades.

Ram Bahadur Thapa ‘ Badal’

Mohan Baidhya ‘ Kiran’

September 2, 2011

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