Monday, September 19, 2011

US, EU envoys active in Nepal politics, seek support for PM Bhattarai subtly

US, EU envoys active in Nepal politics, seek support for PM Bhattarai subtly

[Within Nepal, the ambassadors from the US and the EU have been organizing their friendly relations and parties to support the new Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai, whom they see as key to the further development of comprador-imperialist relations in Nepal. -- Frontlines ed.]
Telegraph Nepal
To recall, a smart US ambassador Scott H. DeLisi asked August 31, 2011, to a “politically exhausted” Ram Chandra Poudel of Nepali Congress, “What role will Nepali Congress play if the Maoists move ahead smoothly and contribute in bringing peace process to the desired end?”
A completely pooped up poor Poudel had replied, “We will support the Maoists by being in the opposition bench.”
The Ambassadors of the European Union upon meeting Nepali Congress President Sushil Koirala made queries that were in essence very similar to what DeLisi had made just last week.
Meaning loaded questions and meets.
“Being in the opposition what role will Nepali Congress play in the peace process,” the ambassadors collectively asked.
Sushil replied, “My party has always extended full support to the government in the peace and constitutional processes, we will continue to do so.”
In the manner Nepali Congress leaders have begun criticizing the Maoist-Madhesi led alliance government, it seems that the EU Ambassadors are not happy at all, say NC insiders and add, however they did not express this directly.
In the meeting present were Senior Leader Sher Bahadur Deuba, Vice President Ram Chandra Poudel and central committee member Dr. Shasank Koirala.
“They also asked for our position on the four point deal signed between Madhesi Parties and Maoists while forming the government”, said Dr. Minendra Rijal of Nepali Congress talking to the media.
The European Ambassadors gave the impression that they had arrived at Koirala residence to basically convince Nepali Congress to extend support to the government led by Babu Ram Bhattarai of Unified Maoists Party, also reveal NC insiders.
“Why they didn’t do the same for erstwhile government is a mystery,” conclude NC insiders.
The Indo-US lobby has, it appears, has freshly been joined by the countries of the European Union, analysts opine.
The external dimension in Nepali politics is coming to the fore slowly

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