Monday, September 26, 2011

Report of the meeting of the International Committee to support the people’s war in India

Report of the meeting of the International Committee to support the people’s war in India

The organizational meeting of the International Committee in Support of PW took place in Italy on 2-3 July. The agenda was to assess the 2 to 9 April campaign, looking at the forms in which it can go on and at the problems existing in the different countries, to make decision on the international conference, point of arrival of the current work.
The committee was born based the call launched from the international meeting in Paris on January 2010. Comrades from different countries have joined and, with the International Week of mobilization on 2 to 9 April the Committee has shown its international dimension and function of promoting information and support for the PW in India, in the general context of the class struggle, the situation of imperialism and the struggle of the proletarians and oppressed peoples.
Starting from a positive evaluation of the International Week, the Committee decided to continue this protracted campaign, dealing the contradictions in the different countries, at the aim to realize the International Conference. During the meeting it was heard also a report by the representative who attended at the event in London with Arundhati Roy, who drew positive hopes on the collaboration with ICAWPI and its initiatives, still maintaining different functions.
The Committee decided that the International Conference will take later than announced, pointing to the early summer of 2012.
By September the Committee will publish the call and poster. Then a series of public meetings will take place in different countries to collect adherents and organize the participation. The Committee will propose to the ICAWPI to jointly organize these initiatives. The Committee will meet the Turkish comrades to check the possibility to get their best help to realize the International Conference in Germany. The Committee will pay visit to the comrades in South Asia to agree with them date, location and participation. The Committee will hold preparatory meetings in different countries and as regards their schedule in Italy, Spain, France, Austria and Germany, it has been already approximately defined.
On September-October the Committee will organize speeches in different areas of the Spanish State to help the unity of the organizations that supported the International Week of mobilization.
It has been made clear that the International Conference will be promoted by the International Committee and, if possible, by the ICAWPI, but internationally and in each country all organizations, parties and committees that decide to participate will be allowed to take part, whether individually or as a coalition.
The Committee appreciates and supports all the blogs and Web-sites that are giving a big contribution to popularize the PW in India, to oppose the Operation Green Hunt and to spread the documents of the PCI(M). The Committee believes that a large network can play an important role in the continuing the campaign and for the success of the International Conference.
In the meeting we discussed a number of questions concerning the role of the PW today, how to establish Maoism, the situation of the ICM, and particularly the RIM, the relationship between the PWs in the different countries, the situation of the revolution in Nepal.
Drawing on the experiences of the recent campaign and the ongoing work, the Committee reiterated that it aims to reach the proletariat and the masses. The latters will build it primarily, and not as a 'cartel of groups'. Where we adopted this approach, the campaign got a mass participation, where there was an attitude seek the agreement between groups as first, it was not successful. This campaign can go on only following the positive experiences.
The Committee makes clear that in all countries, namely in France, it is an autonomous organization that can collaborate with all those who bring support to the PWs and the liberation struggles of the countries oppressed by imperialism, while maintaining its autonomy in the program and actions.
The Committee calls those parties and organizations that carried out the campaign and their plan of activities to turn words and documents into facts, participation and initiatives - which is not always occurred during the campaign in April.
The Committee rejects any attempt to use it as a place for a general debate, forgetting that it is the support to the PW in India that unites and mobilizes.
Particularly in the imperialist countries, we must pay special attention to the struggle against Indian multinational companies, that expand even in the imperialist countries and get profits from the policy of mass deportation of the Indian people.
The Committee reiterated that it supports in the form of solidarity all the people's wars that are developed in other countries of the world, considering all of them important and decisive for the struggle against imperialism.
The Committee will bring its campaign, the propaganda and the invitation to the International conference in all anti-imperialist demonstrations, against the political and economic summits of imperialists, against the imperialist war.


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