Saturday, November 16, 2013

India . Naxal ideologues ‘more dangerous’ than armed cadres: Govt?.. yes! support people's war! support PCIm! support International Commitee!


New Delhi: With violence perpetrated by Naxals continuing, the Centre has said that ideologues of the Maoists are more dangerous than the armed cadres who have killed more than 8,100 civilians and policemen since 2001. Terming the activities of Naxals as serious impediment to the nation-building process, the government has told the Supreme Court that the rebels have destroyed thousands of development and infrastructure facilities and kidnapped proactive, sincere district collectors to prevent development from reaching the poor.
“In the meantime, the ideologues and supporters of the CPI (Maoist) in cities and towns have undertaken a concerted and systematic propaganda against the state to project the state in a poor light and also malign it through disinformation. “In fact, it is these ideologues who have kept the Maoist movement alive and are in many ways more dangerous than the cadres of the People’s Liberation Guerilla Army,” the home ministry has said in an affidavit in the apex court.

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