Monday, December 16, 2013

India - people's war advances in bengal

Maoists regrouping in Bengal: Varavara
KOLKATA: People’s movement led by Maoists in Jangalmahal area in West Bengal is gaining ground once again after CPI (Maoist) military strategist Koteswara Rao’s death, said Maoist ideologue Varavara Rao on Saturday. In Kolkata to attend the second conference of the Committee for Release of Political Prisoners, the poet and activist accused the government of not keeping the promise of releasing political prisoners after assuming power. “Certainly there will be resurgence of people’s movement in West Bengal led by Maoist groups. They will regroup themselves. I am already seeing signs of that,’ he said. Drawing a parallel with the YSR government in Andhra Pradesh, Varavara came down heavily upon the Mamata Banerjee government. “Opposing Operation Green Hunt was Mamata Banerjee’s pretension to come to power. It happened in a similar way in AP. Mamata exploited the situation in the same way YSR in Andhra exploited it.
She dislodged the CPM government from the state but the situation has gone from bad to worse,” Rao said. In a recent article titled ‘Killing of Kishanji and Peace Talks’, Rao has written that while the late YSR Reddy took some measures conducive to talks like calling back Greyhounds from combing operations and stopping encounter killings, Mamata Banerjee has not shown any inclination to withdraw the joint forces. “Instead she declared that she would arm ten thousand adivasis to fight Maoists in Jangalmahal,” he wrote. “I came here after Kishanji was killed. For the last two years it was difficult for me to come as there was no solidarity of the different wings active here,” he said. Criticizing the government’s tendency to brand any dissenting voice as Maoist, he said that a few days ago, Samir Biswas, the doctor who treated Kishanji, was arrested for being a Maoist.

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