Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Join celebrations of the CPP's 45th year - Philippines

There will be several hundred people’s assemblies to be held inside the guerrilla zones across the country... The assemblies will celebrate the victories in the revolutionary armed struggle, the program for land reform, and the people’s democratic government.
Communist Party of the Philippines
17 December 2013

Join celebrations of the CPP's 45th year

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) enjoins the Filipino people and all their revolutionary forces to join the celebrations of the 45th anniversary of the re-establishment of the CPP on the 26th of December. Let us celebrate the people’s victories accumulated through 45 years of revolutionary struggle and renew our determination to achieve complete victory in the foreseable future.
There will be several hundred people’s assemblies to be held inside the guerrilla zones across the country. Local branches and sections of the CPP, Barrio (village) Revolutionary Committees, and local revolutionary mass organizations of peasants, women, youth, cultural workers, children and others, local commands and units of the New People’s Army and the people’s militia are busy preparing accomodations to host several tens of thousands of people expected to join the assemblies on 26 December.
Most of the participants are expected to travel by foot to the venues of the people’s assemblies. Travel arrangements are also being made for the revolutionary forces and guests coming in from the cities or other towns.
The celebrations are set to be modest as these are to be held amidst widespread poverty and socio-economic sufferings brought about by the ruling reactionary regime’s neo-liberal policies. As the previous regimes, the current ruling Aquino regime imposes policies that cater to the interests of foreign big capitalists and their local big business and big landlord partners to the detriment of the Filipino people suffering from mass unemployment, low wages and spiralling prices.
The mass activities set to mark the CPP’s 45th anniversary should serve as an occasion to collect funds and other materials to be contributed to the rehabilitation efforts in the areas devastated by the recent supertyphoon Yolanda (Haiyan). Mass activities will also be held in Eastern Visayas, Panay, Negros, Cebu and Bohol islands where, through the leadership of the CPP and the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP), the people are collectively rising up from the devastation. This is in stark contrast to the failure of the ruling Aquino regime to act swiftly and sufficiently to address both the emergency relief and long-term rehabilitation needs of the people in the areas razed to the ground.
The assemblies shall, however, be appropriately joyous to celebrate the great victories of the people’ war and the people's democratic revolution. The assemblies will provide the venue to celebrate the victories in advancing the revolutionary armed struggle, in carrying forward the revolutionary program for land reform, and building the people’s democratic government.
The people’s assemblies shall also serve as a venue for reaffirming the people’s revolutionary determination to carry forward the struggle to end the oppressive and exploitative semi-colonial and semifeudal system through the people’s democratic revolution.
The CPP enjoins urban-based community youth and students organizations, workers, urban poor, women, government employees, migrant workers, jeepney drivers, vendors, rank-and-file employees and professionals to join the celebrations to be held on 26 December inside the guerrilla zones. They can coordinate with branches of the CPP in their localities.
The CPP also enjoins other working class, proletarian and communist parties, anti-imperialist organizations and movements, as well as foreign governments to join and observe the celebrations in the Philippines, specifically inside the territories under the authority of the People’s Democratic Government.
Journalists, reporters and other members of the press who wish to join and witness the celebrations can get in touch with the local branches of the CPP or local commands of the NPA.
The CPP calls on the Aquino regime to order the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) to stand down on 26 December and the days leading to it, in order to allow the scores of thousands of people to peacefully travel to and join the celebrations. The leadership of the CPP is set to declare a ceasefire in order to pave the way for the national celebrations of the CPP’s 45th anniversary, as well as to give way to the Filipino people’s traditional observance of the Christmas and New Year holidays.

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