Tuesday, December 10, 2013

PCm Italy for Mandela's death - english

For imperialists, Mandela is a symbol of “forgiveness”

The imperialist propaganda now uses the death of Mandela to propagate his ideals of peace and conciliation, maintaining the social inequality, exploitation, the oppression of class and race on the masses of black poor and proletarians in South Africa.
We salute his figure of fighter, the symbol leader of the struggle against apartheid, combining mass struggles and armed struggle, the commander of the armed wing of ANC, the political prisoner struggling against the racist regime backed by imperialism, because on that line the oppressed masses of black people have made steps forward for the abolition of apartheid.
However, his role as intermediary and negotiator for peace and reconciliation, a role he played while he still was an important political prisoner and that later he strengthened as President of South Africa, led to the end of the armed struggle, guerrilla warfare, sabotage, to ensure improvements from which only a small minority of the black people have had benefit, while the majority of the black proletariat was still suffering poverty, hunger, social exclusion, fierce repression.
Then conciliators have become the new executioners, because the class injustice remained in all ways untouched.
Recently, the uprising of blacks miners in South Africa, against which the new government of the new phase of transition, that wants to be called the post-apartheid government of national unity, sent the army and the police to shoot, has reminded to the world the reality of the injustice of class and race.
The Mandela who imperialists and bourgeoisie like is the one who decided the end of the armed struggle, who accepted to sit at the table with his own executioners, who had repressed himself and his people, the one who embraced the US global terrorists, from Bush to Clinton, who opened the doors of his country to the penetration of trans-national companies, the one who has sat in the carriages of the crowned heads of Spain and England while his people still survive in shacks without electricity or water.
It is the Mandela who terrorized the bourgeoisie, rather, the one we honor.

PCm Italy
december 2013

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