Monday, December 16, 2013

India -Varavara: Will move against ‘fake encounter’ of Kishenji - all toogether 25 january international day for 'inconditional free of all political prisoners in India - international Committee!

Poet and Maoist sympathiser P Varavara Rao said they would move court against the “fake encounter” of Kishenji, just like they had done in the case of Naxalite leader Azad. “We are waiting for the forensic reports in the case which are yet to arrive. Once they will arrive, we will move court in Kishenji’s case as well,” he said on the sidelines of the second conference of Committee for Release of Political Prisoners (CRPP).
He said Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee came to power with the promise that all political prisoners would be freed but she has failed to keep that promise. “Now we see that the doctor who had treated Kishenji had been arrested. Nobody is a Naxalite or a terrorist for a doctor. For a doctor, they are all patients. If he had treated Kishenji as a patient, how is that a crime?” he said. “She (Mamata) is ruling like a fascist, just like it was during the Left Front term.” CRPP president SAR Geelani spoke likewise. “When we talk about political prisoners, we don’t talk about a particular region. We talk about prisoners throughout the world. Anybody who works for the betterment of society, no matter what means he or she uses, and if that person is caught and put behind bars for his political ideas or struggle, he or she is a political prisoner,” he said.
Members of the group said that as against official papers that said there were 65 political prisoners, there are at least 270 political prisoners in the state. “The present government came to power with this aim and promise that they will release all. They have not kept their word, in fact, there are more political prisoners now,” Geelani said. Referring to the recent amendment to the West Bengal Correctional Services Act, 1992, he said, “The amendment is deceiving people.” CRPP vice-president Sujato Bhadro said that in spite of an interim report placed in December 2011 and a full report in 2012 by the review committee on political prisoners, no step has been taken by Mamata for the release of political prisoners. “There are 40 SIMI activists, 60 others convicted, 14,00 GMM activists about whom the government is not making its stand clear,” Bhadro said and added that if political prisoners, including Chhatradhar Mahato, were released, true peace would return to Junglemahals.

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