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Nepal - CPN-Maoist to hold national conference in July .. it needs two line struggle in PCNmaoist.. - we support people's revolt and new begenning of people's war - maoistroad


KATHMANDU: The Central Committee (CC) meeting of CPN-Maoist resumed at the party’s Newa State Committee office in Kupondole on Saturday morning. The CC members are reporting at the meeting, which started at 10:30 am. As many as 10 leaders are airing their views in today’s meeting. “After the reporting of CC members concludes, Chairman Mohan Baidhya will address the meeting,” a Maoist leader told THT Online over phone.
The meeting is expected to come up with decision whether the party should accept nominated seats offered to join the CA or not. However, the party, which boycotted the November 19 polls strongly, has already made it clear that it will neither join the CA nor the government. It is likely that the meeting will conclude today, amending the political report presented by Chairman Baidhya and endorsing it. More than 200 leaders, including 151 CC members and 50 central advisers are taking part in the meeting that started from December 23.

CPN-Maoist extended meeting concludes
KATHMANDU, Dec 14: An extended central committee meeting of the CPN-Maoist concluded Saturday by approving a political report presented by party Chairman Mohan Baidya. The meeting began last Sunday. The meeting held at the Kupanodol-based Newa State Committee Office in Lalitpur concluded by endorsing a political report on ´ future course of action on the basis of people´s war and a new constitution from high level all-party conference with the dissolution of the Constituent Assembly´ tabled by party Chairman Baidya, according to party Secretary Dev Gurung.
Prior to this, the party chairman responded to queries put forth by the party central members and central advisors regarding his political report. Concluding that there was a slim possibility for political consensus, the party decided to go ahead with the programmes of protest, Secretary Gurung said. The party, however, is to keep the door for talks open. The meeting agreed to gear up for a fresh agitation by keeping the door for talks open, he added. Calling for drafting a new constitution through a powerful all-party conference by dissolving the CA, leader Gurung ruled out the possibility of his party joining the CA as Cabinet-nominated members.
As per the CC meeting decision, the politburo meeting shall be called to finalise the organisational and work division matters. A total of 141 members delivered their views in the meeting. The party which had boycotted the November 19 CA elections convened the CC meeting to determine the further course of action in a changing context. The party is expected to unveil the meeting decisions through a press meet tomorrow.

KATHMANDU, Dec 16: The CPN-Maoist has announced to hold its national conference in July next year. At a press conference to make public Central Committee meeting´s decisions at Party Headquarters, on Monday, CPN-Maoist Chairman Mohan Baidya announced to hold party´s sister wings´ conferences. The party has ordered party´s polit-bureau to hold those conferences.
The CPN-Maoist chairman stuck to his party´s previous stance that issues relating to promulgating a new constitution and ending ongoing political stalemate should be sought through an all-party conference. Baidya said his party would not join the High Level Political Committee claiming that the HLPC would not meet demands raised by his party. Similarly, Baidya declared that the twelve-point understanding signed between the then seven political parties and rebel CPN (Maoist) in 2006, in New Delhi, has been scrapped.
He further said the to-be-formed Constituent Assembly would fail to issue a people-oriented constitution as it has come under the clutch of the status-quoists and regressive forces namely the Nepali Congress and CPN-UML. The CPN-Maoist has reiterated that the CA election was held in foreign tunes stating that it was meaningless for the progress forces. “The CA election was a drama and conducted on behest of foreign forces, which was worthless for us,” Chairman Baidya said. Chairman Baidya announced his party´s plan to form an alliance of patriotic, pro-people and communist forces.

CPN-M charts course of ‘people’s revolt’
KATHMANDU: The week-long central committee meeting of the CPN-Maoist concluded today with endorsement of party Chairman Mohan Baidhya’s political proposal. The CPN-Maoist decided to launch an aggressive campaign to strengthen and extend the organisation of the party from mid-December 2013 to mid-February 2014 and then begin its struggle for dissolution of the CA leading to an all powerful national political conference that would ultimately culminate in the formation of a joint national government that would draft the new constitution. Baidhya urged party leaders to research alternative models of the revolution as the existing models were outdated in the context of Nepal.
Baidhya said people’s revolt was a greater priority than people’s war, but it was not possible to go for it with the existing party structure that could not maintain secrecy and discipline. He said the party must be corrected before embarking on people’s revolt. Pointing out that the main problem with the Nepali communist movement was that it had deviated towards the right, Baidhya declared he would not die a rightist.
The CC has assessed its poll boycott campaign as largely successful. The party also claimed that UCPN-M’s erroneous party line and deviation were major reasons behind its humiliating defeat, though the boycott campaign also played a role. CC member Lekhnath Neupane said the party will join hands with left forces fighting for republicanism, secularism, federalism and national interest by forming a working alliance or forging unity with parties. CPN-M will appeal to all UCPN-M revolutionary to join the party that follows the true essence of communism

Nepal: Need for Military outfit for urban revolt, says Badal
Expressing serious concern over increasing rightist mindset and panic for early victory among the party rank and file said Chairman Mohan Baidya Kiran of Nepal Communist Party (Maoist) at the ongoing party central committee meeting, that “I am ready to die but I will not become a rightist.” Kantipur Daily further quoting unnamed party central committee member reports, Baidya while clarifying some confusion among the party cadre-ship said December 14, 2013, “The international environment may not have been exactly in our favor. However, nothing is impossible.” “The international situation is not that unfavorable either,” he said and added, “Intense struggle between the third world and the imperialists is still on.”
The daily newspaper further reports that the party leadership at the meeting drawing a final conclusion have converged that the party objective was still the peoples’ revolt. “Peoples’ revolt is the only objective, thus there should be no confusion,” clarified party general secretary Ram Bahadur Thapa Badal. In this line the party has also decided to give a shape to a military outfit for a possible urban revolt. Challenging days approaching perhaps.

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